is that it for you?

just wondering if anyone has had their first baby and decided to stop there?

Grace is our first and we wont be having anymore. people still ask me when we are having the next one and dont seem to believe me when i tell them thats it, and it really is.

is anyone else stopping at just the one?


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  • Gabe is my first baby and I am not sure whether I will have another, probably not.

    Main reason is because OH is totally against it, he says he will never have another cos it's too much hassle (even though he doesnt do anything!). This bugs me but there's not much I can do, though he knows the subjects gonna come up soon on when to TTC if ever so Im praying he changes his mind.

    But at the end of the day our relationship and our responsibility as Gabe's parents is more important then having another, even though I would love to ttc :cry:

  • Not me sorry - I want 2 more! I was one fo 3 and so was hubbie and we both LOVED growing up with siblings I wouldn't want my lo to be an only child as I loved not being and I want him to have bros/sis to grow up with!
  • Frankie is my first. If it was up to me i would be pregnant again now!!! i would like 3 more but hubby only wants 1 more.
  • i have 2 and i would like another one. after i had my second i said no more but now he is 4 months i want another, oh said no at first but no he said i can have another one in a few years time. and knowing my luck i will have twins this time round, as oh is a twin and twins run in my family.
  • We have Riley and can't wait to have more. I wonder how it will effect him though and the type of person he'll become? I know it's hard to tell and i'll never know the difference but of course it changes how they'll turn out if that makes sense??? Lol. xxx
  • thats the one thing that does make me sad, that im not gonna be pregnant again because i loved it

  • So I'm the only other one???

    I do have to say my main regret will be never having another newborn again and see a child growing up - totally selfish really.

    If anything I would prefer Gabe to be an only child, I grew up with siblings, I HATED it and would have loved to be an only!!! xxx
  • I think I will have 1 or 2 more. Kara is 16 months but I think I will wait until she has turned 2 to try for another. I hated bring pregnant though so not looking forward to that bit.
  • I have 2 and we would like another 1 in about 6/7 years time. Certainly not yet!!

  • Im from 3 and oh from 6 siblings. We would both love more if we are able to have them. But for now I love being Jemimas mummy and although it might sound selfish, I like being able to give all my attention to just her. Maybe when she 2-3 we will consider trying again. Unless theres any mishaps of course!
  • This was it for me.......but saying that, Nathan is my 5th!!! loool
  • I think Poppy will be our only baby - we always said we only wanted one child and I genuinely have no idea how people afford to have any more than 2!!!!
    I had 3 brothers and much as I love them now, my mums time was divided between the 4 of us and it did make me resent them when I was younger.
    So, I guess I'll be with the minority and say I'm sticking with the 1!!
  • I'd like another one, a girl this time lol - but i had such a hard pregnancy with hyperemesis that i don't know if i could risk being hospitalised again, not with my lo to look after, plus it wouldn't be fair on him to see me as ill as i was. I know there's no guarantee i'll get ill again, but i'm not sure it's a risk i can take, which makes me really sad x
  • If I had my way I'd have 3 but hubby adamant well just have the 1- however I have 'no intention of letting zachariah being an only child so have not given up just yet. I was 1 of 4 and loved it. I agree financially it must be tough but lots of love and less toys doesn't do any harm image I think though there's nothing wrong with having only 1 if you feel you don't want more as #2 would pick those vibes up and that'd be awful. I hated being pregnant and if #2 was as bad a delivery as #1 I would stop as I wouldn't want to put myself at risk or my children having a mother at risk either!
  • Another one for us, but we've just got a Zafira so who knows we may fill the car!!!! LOL. I absolutely loved being pregnant, it was the best experience of my life.... even the SPD and the agony I was in at the end 'wasn't that awful' looking back (how rose tinted am I?!?! :lol: )

    I meant to add, I know a few people who are only children and they are very self sufficient and independant the 'I don't need any friends' attitude I think its really sad to see, I would hate for Faye to be like that. Hope I haven't upset any only children on here, so an observation with people I know who are like this


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  • Hmmm id like another but not sure if its gonna happen, I love my little man more than anything in the world but I dont know if i could go through labour again - the thought terrifies me!

  • looks like im in the minority here then lol

  • i have two and would love to have a couple more sometime, i was an only child and i always knew i wanted more than one child. my parents split up when i was 6 and he moved back to his home country, i have no cousins on my mum's side and all my dad's family were in his country so i had a very lonely childhood so would never choose to have just one child. i'm not in any way suggesting that your child will feel this way when they are older, but i think it's up to you to make sure your child has good friends and family around them. i'm a very quiet, shy person and have trouble with meeting new people even now and i do believe this is due to the way i was brought up, i was left to my own devices most of the time and spent a lot of time alone playing or reading my room.
    i guess i just believe that a brother or sister would have made a whole difference to who i am, even if it was just someone to fight with!!
    hope i haven't offended anyone, just read this through and realised how bitter i sound!!!:lol:

  • it annoys me the second you have had the baby you are constantly asked 'so when you having another' - i just hate the assumption!

    lara xx

    Like when you go for your postnatal check and they chat about contraception 'erm who said I was ever having sex EVER again!?!' :lol:
  • When lo was newborn I was like that's it for us I found it difficult being a new first time mum more the life style change I think, but now she is 11mths I seem to be getting broody again..... Although me and oh have talked and are going to wait until round about her 2nd birthday before trying ! Maybe something to do with my best friend has just and twin girls and I love helping her out.
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