Got a Peugeot 206? What travel system fits in the boot?

Can anyone help me? I just fell in love with a Greco but it wont fit in the boot of my Peugeot 206. Gutted! If you have a Peugeot 206 what fits in the boot?


Suzie xx


  • Not a silver cross freeway on a linear chassis!!! We have peugeot 206. For the last three months we have put the base in the boot and put the car seat on the base but now we have a maclaren buggy for when we go out in the car.
  • Aww thank you for replying! Anyone know of any others??

  • I think the quinny prams are quite small. Most shops will let you see if they fit in your boot before you buy.
  • Quinnys are good. but i prefer my first pram - the Graco Mosaic. Its fantastic. So simple and very rarely tipped up even with loading it up with shopping! Fabulous pram. And I started off with a 1076 and now have a fiesta. Managed to get the mosiac AND all the stuff for holidays away for a week in my lickle fiesta! Xxx
  • Weve got the bebe confort streety-fits great x
  • we had a qinny buzz when grace was 1st born and that just about fitted in but was a squeeze and had to take wheels off!! we now have a mamas n papas luna which fits better xxx
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