Won't nap :(

Arrrrrrrrgh ladies can I have some advice/tips/help!!!? Faye won't sleep during the day, I have to fight with her everytime.... I can see she's tired, she pulls at her face and rubs her eyes but she won't go down.
We've been out for a huge walk this afternoon and you'd think the fresh air would knock her out but has oh just said 'it seems to have supercharged her!' Were exhausted, the dog is unconscious but she is fighting to stay awake :\?

We don't do the book routines, she is bf on demand and I tend to follow her lead... at night she is fab and sleeps really well

I'm beginning to dread being on my own with her during the wk it's becoming such an issue, I get stressed and she just gets herself into such a state :cry:



  • Can't offer anything but sympathy I'm afraid. Oscar's got so bad at his daytime naps I used to have to put him in his cot and just let him cry it out. I'd sit in the room with him so he didn't work himself into a proper state but it was horrible! Fortunately he seems to be getting out of it now, so perhaps Faye will too. Oscar's 21 weeks so only slightly older.

    Btw, love your choice of dog! I miss my 2 greyhounds!
  • Fortunately he seems to be getting out of it now, so perhaps Faye will too. Oscar's 21 weeks so only slightly older.

    Btw, love your choice of dog! I miss my 2 greyhounds!

    I'd obviously written her off LOL she's been asleep for 45 mins now with 2 wakings but once her dummy was popped back in she was straight off again (completely contra-dicted myself cause I've said on another post she doesn't wake for her dummy and usually she doesn't!).

    She is 18 wks now so hopefully she will grow out of it..... Tues are my 'single parent' day as hubby doesn't get in till really late (like 9pm or later) and it's bloody long day even with a mums and tots group when you have an over tired baby :\(

    Did you re-home your greyhounds? We had to re-home ours as he saw Faye as prey - it was horrible :cry: We just have our saluki x now and she's fab!!
  • Oh god would love a saluki x! We had to move into a flat so had to rehome them just after I fell preg. My little girl went to greyhound rescue but my in laws have our boy, and have him much better behaved than we managed. We're currently in a rented house that doesn't allow pets, but as soon as we move I'll get more! Lol

    Have you started weaning Faye yet? Found Oscar started sleeping better once he was on 2 meals. They do start acting very strangely when milk's not enough for them! Lol
  • No she isn't weaned yet as she isn't showing the signs that she's ready and she sleeps really well at night, it's just during the day she's too bloody nosy!!
    My Hv is very pro on weaning at 6mths and tells me about the research linked with fussy eating, obesity etc even when starting at 17 wks cause it is still too early

    Gonna leave it a few more wks, I have 5 & a half months in my head for some reason!?
  • Lol, hv's are all so different! Mine almost expected me to have weaned him at 17 weeks! Which I did, but only because I was been following his lead. I trust that he knows more about what he needs than government guidelines! Combined with mummy instinct obviously!

    Personally I think fussy eaters happen because kids aren't introduced to a wide range of foods early on, nothing to do with when they're weaned. And I speak as a fussy eater myself so am determined Oscar won't be!
  • Awwww bless gracie faye got to this point, i couldnt get her to nap at all and in the end i thought enough is enough and started swaddling her very tight in her cot in the nursery all the lights off etc and blow me she fell asleep straight away!!!

    She now has all her naps in her cot in complete darkness unless im out xx

    Thats interesting.... we need to get a blackout blind for her room and then it will be totally dark....
    We do swaddle generally but she usually fights her way out of it, the last few nights she's not even allowed us to at bedtime and she has been going to bed in her grobag instead so we've been thinking she might be growing out of swaddling??
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