Silver cross 3D pram - opinions? - also posted in pregnancy

Hey all,

I went looking at prams at weekend with intention of just looking but the shop had a sale on so ended up putting a deposit down on a silver cross 3D in rouge.

They had loads of prams and this one looked good and seemed to tick all our boxes. However, since getting home I've looked up reviews on line and there's some very mixed reviews about it so now I'm not sure! I only had to put down ??25 so if I change my mind it's not the end of the world. Just wondered if anyone on here has one and their experiences?

Thanks for any opinions

Kernow xx


  • Hiya, i brought one when pregnant and after having a few plays before ds was born, i totally hated it, it was so bloody heavy and it took ages to faff about getting it into pram mode with the liner etc...........i decided to sell it on and got an Icandy cherry- which i totally love, obviously some people do like the 3d, but it didnt suit me x
  • Honest opinions?
    I hated mine image

    Totally fell inlove before i had DS, but i didnt really think about it practically. Most people will tell you the carrycot doesnt last 5 minutes, so from 8 weeks DS had to go forward facing which really upset me and i wish i had got a parent facing pushchair just for those extra few months. The break on it was pants and when i was on the bus it was constantly coming off.

    In the end now DS is 5 months i ended up buying a stroller. Next time i will defiantly consider what i am buying as ??350 was a lot of money, and i know for a fact i will buy a parent facing pushchair.

    Sorry if its not what you wanted to hear but i dont want to make it out to be fantastic and you find the same problems. xx
  • We had our daughter in it until about 5-6months in the pram mode, It felt a bit early to move her to forward facing but she loves it! Generally its a great pram, you do have to be careful with the break and make sure its on well. IUt felt really cozy and sturdy and we used it in all the snow we had in january!
  • Thanks for all the honest opinions. The issues seem to mirror what I've read on review sites - brakes coming off, carrycot being too small and I've also read chassis bends on lots of ones which means it won't fold properly.
    Like I said I only put down ??25 and so it's not the end of the world if I cancel it.

    It's quite hard to judge as for every terrible review I read I read one like ems101 who loved it. Our baby is also due in early January and it was the cosy warmth of it that was a deciding factor for us.

    Hmm, might have to go out and play with a few more before I decide to pay any more off on it!

    Thanks again

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