more dirty nappies with teething??

In the last 48hrs my los top teeth have finally after 3mths decided to cut the gum!
As well as the teeth she has also had an increase in dirty nappies. Yesterday she had dirty nappies; first thing, mid morning, mid afternoon, before bed and last at 1030pm! Today she has mid morning, mid afternoon, late afternoon and another one in process lol! Lovely and smelly to!

Is there any relation between teething? Shes has the teething rash and less solid stools which are relatd but was unsure if the no of dirty nappies was related.

I have recently got back into giving her homemade food. Before homemade food hasnt made a difference.

Anybody else experienced this, or could it be the type of food I am giving her?
I look forward to hearing your replies. xxx


  • Hi Joey,
    My lo has an increased number of dirty nappies too - no teeth yet but he dribbles lots and chews everything. I looked it up and read that some professionals believe that the excess saliva irritates the bowel and therefore more poo! There is no official line on this though as they don't want parents to ignore possible tummy upsets, thinking it's teething.

    Hope this helps, xxxx
  • My lo definately has more smelly, dirty, sloppy nappies when teething! Oh the joys of teething nappies lol!!
    I think they can get upset tummys cos of the extra saliva/slobber they produce. Teething powders such as Ashton & Parsons may help.
  • Thanks for your replies ladies.
    I hadnt thought about the increase saliva upst tummys.
    I tried ashtown power in past to help with teething but it didnt really help. Could try again with her tummy roubles I suppose. I didnt even think to ask when I went to weigh her today!

    Thanks again for the info/advice xxx
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