inappropriate slogan tshirts

i know we had this a while back but cant find it. we have a few that say things like daddy's little angel, i love my mummy and i love my grandad. perfectly harmless i think, although i know some people disagree.

BUT last week i saw a 4 year old wearing a frankie says relax tshirt.

am i reading into that too much hinking it's just not appropriate? i mean, i love frankie goes to hollywood... but appropriate message for a child?

what do you think?


  • That's alright.

    I saw one that said 'All Daddy wanted was a BJ'

    image image image
  • what does that teach children. obviously not the baby wearing it, but other children who may see the baby.

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  • I have seen that BJ shirt. You have to have a very strange sence of humor.

    I have also seen toddlers walking around with swear word slogans
  • Sorry Calleigh, think I'm probably being naive? I've not seeing Frankie Goes To Hollywood - why might it be inappropriate?

  • Hi,
    G/C from pregnancy but I still remember seeing a little girl a few years ago wearing a t-shirt that said 'just did it'! wtf??
  • Ruth its the bit where he sings 'relax, don't do it, when you wanna cum' I think thats what she meant?
    It was me that started the other thread on slogan T-Shirts when I saw one that said...'I'm the reason daddy isn't getting any' but it is to far back in my topics to find and bump it up xx
  • I've seen a few around on Internet sites. I do love slogan tops & bodysuits, but appropriate ones. I have a couple one says I love you everyday daddy & I'm daddy's princess now bow before me. I love that sort of thing, but nothing disgusting like some out there

    Jayne xx
  • my daughter who is called frankie actually has that t shirt,
    i dont see no harm in that!
    lisa xx
  • I think that the frankie one is fine, just retro really, I don't think anyone younger than us will even know what it is. I've not seen the BJ one but that is probably going a bit too far!
  • I saw a girl the other week wearing a t-shirt saying......Porn Star in Training.

    Unbelievable!! She was no more than 8 years old. Sorry, but that is disgusting. Surely she cant have chosen that t-shirt for herself?? And if she did....who on earth would say yes ok darling you can have that t-shirt!. x
  • I think the 'frankie says relax' slogan has lost it's meaning over the years. I think that a lot of ladies under a certain age (no offence intended here at all) may not be familiar with the song as it was now almost 30 years ago, wow that makes me feel old!
  • god is it that long ago! i use a couple of tracks in lessons from the welcome to the pleasuredome album, when we are doing nuclear war. it is an absolutly fantastic album. maybe you are right. if the parents dont know the meaning behind it, then they'd see it as cute. the song was about oral sex, ruth, and was banned by the bbc. so not much different to the all daddy wanted was a bj to people over 30!!!
  • I now have frankie goes to hollywood on loop in my head.....not good! =)
  • which song chubbs? i love two trbes, and use this in lessons, and the power of love.
  • :lol: relax is playing in my head!!!
  • Some of those tshirts are awful!

    My son (now 10) had a Frankie Goes to Hollywood tshirt a few years ago and it cost me a fortune, I just thought it was retro!

    I love these slogan tshirts for babies.... Give Peas A Chance..... Chubby..and lovin it! ..... I Scream
  • i like give peas a chance! lol.
  • i agree that the porn star thing is too far, but baby bibs are just a bit of harmless fun. if youve got any sense, you'll be appropriate as to when you use them. my son has got a bib that says 'dad doesnt shoot blanks', but we only put it on him when we're with our mates - not kids.
  • i dont know. i still think slogans of a sexual nature have no place near children, but that''s just my opinion x
  • The song's not about oral's something a little nastier I would say...but I have no issue with the slogan for a shirt as it's hardly graphic. I agree the BJ one is possibly a step too far, but in the privacy of your own home lots of things are amusing to couples that might not be appropriate for public consumption.

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