Question to those who have more than one child

Well me and hubby are thinking of ttc num 2 at the end of the year, and I was just wondering how you manage to split your time between your new baby and other children. I'm really worried that dd will feel left out and resent not having time with me thanks xxx


  • there are 4 and half years between my girls so i spend time with both of them before school, baby on her own during the day and then i spend and play with dd1 when she gets home from school and i always make sure i take her to bed as she is fully aware i spend all day with Lizzie so we read books and sing before bed!
    at weekends we all play together x
  • there are 5 years between my two and i am pretty much on the same par with wannababy, i will also go out in the car at nap times so ds2 goes to sleep then i put him in the pram and ds1 can go to the park, as ds2 is sleeping ds1 can get plenty of attention xxx good luck xxxx
  • i have 3 and a half years between my 2. i spend time with phoebe when archie is at pre-school and i always make sure when i have to pop out somewhere quick like the local shop or the takeaway that i always ask archie if he would like to come with me to make him feel like i do things just with him too.and i am the same as the previous poster too, i always put him to bed and read him lots of stories so he gets time with me on his own.and phoebe gets plenty of cuddles throughout the day...x
  • There is 20 months between my 2 sons (DS2 is now 7 weeks).

    We've kept DS1 in nursery 3 days a week to minimise changes to his routine & also means I get to spend time with DS2 & hopefully take him to some classes, swimming etc.

    DS1 gets time with me whilst DS2 sleeps & also at bathtime (until DS2 makes it into the big bath!). We also do lots of activities whilst I'm cuddling DS2 such as puzzles, reading books & general playing so it feels like we're all involved.

    I do feel guilty sometimes that I'm not spending enough individual time with DS1 but he is still his happy self & nursery have commented that he hasn't changed since becoming a big brother so I guess it's suiting him so far!!

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