Highchair issues

We've got the graco highchair from the asda baby event but it seems to have become the highchair from hell!

I can't strap him in safely - the restraints that go over his shoulders are on the highest settings but still start halfway down his back iykwim. I've got to have those straps loose so they'll go over him but then they just fall off him. So he's always loose in there, even with the straps on.

It's also angled so if he sits back against it he's slouching, which can't be good. If he's not strapped in, without the tray, he sits up and eats nicely but he's started to object if I don't strap him in!

Can anyone suggest anything? Is another highchair the answer or something like a booster seat with a tray instead? He's tall but I don't think he'd reach our table yet.

Thanks ladies x


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