Cleaning babies face

Just a quick question - what do you use to clean your babies face after they have eaten?

We've just started weaning and I don't know what to use - kitchen roll seems a little harsh, water and cotton wool a bit of a hassle (even though I still do this for his bum and morning wash). I've only used wipes when we are out but wonder if this is what I should use.

Sorry for being a bit dumb! I can remember my mum tidying me up with the dish cloth and I refuse to do the same!! Thanks xx


  • Heya hun
    I use wet wipes for dd. I also use them on her bum. I have from day one as mw told me they were fine to use. Dd has never had nappy rash or any problems with me using them on her face.
  • i just use baby wipes for Ellie and just the bib for Lucie but once i start weaning i will use wipes for her too.
    I am glad i saw this post, i never got on with the expressing (not sure if you remember me from the breastfeeding forum) as my milk never came in again...... hows your lo doing now adn are you still eb feeding? x
  • I use wipes. She HATES having her face/hands cleaned so whatever is quickest really!
  • I like the pure wipes from huggies on her face, but not on her bum lol! They don't dry out so you can clean her face more than once at one sitting which is often necessary, and they are thick enough not to tear when she's trying to grab them and eat them x
  • I use baby wipes to clean DD's face (I use pampers sensitive), however she HATES it and you'd think I was cleaning it with a dirty nappy :lol: xx
  • wipes or a dampend flannel for us image
  • We use a resusable wipe, which is essentially just a small flannel really. You can just get a old towel and cut it up. They are great for using on bum as well, just keep them damp in a plastic container next to changing table and chuck them in with your normal wash (you might want to rinse them first if very pooey). They will save you ??????'s not buying so many disposables, we just use disposables for out and about.
  • Thanks for all your replies, I guess wipes is the way to go as I'm all for making things easy!

    no2bump - hi there, I do remember you, shame about your milk. I am still expressing, never could have imagined I'd still be doing it at 5 months!!
  • I mostly use baby wipes, but at home i tend to use a flannel as he makes such a mess!!!

    Cleaning him up hands and face is always hairy!!!!! He hates it x
  • i use wipes and my son hates it he screams every time. I have tried a cloth and it doesn't matter what i use he just hates getting cleaned up.
  • I use a wet muslin - about the only thing we use them for now and we have so many!

    It works well, because they are huge and she can play with the bit on her tray while I wipe her face and hands. She still doesn't like it though.

    The highchair is next to the washing machine in the kitchen and as we are BLWing she gets really messy so everything just gets stripped off, wiped and goes straight into the wash.
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