high chairs????


i'm driving myself mad looking at high chairs!! someone recommended the chicco polly 2 in 1. does anyone else have any good recommendations. Don't mind the cost but it would be good to get one that Maiya won't grow out of in 5 mins.

thanks image


  • i posted about this last week as after 3 kids, using the same hichair i hate, i got the simple ??10 from Ikea and LOVE it!!!

    Vanilla also got it, but she also got the insert cushion as her lo is 5 months old (my Issy is 14 months old). you can also buy a table for it, but it does slide right up to the table for when they ate with you!

    def recommended!!
  • I've got the Ikea one with cushion and tray too and it is fab, so easy to clean and what a bargain price!
  • thanks ladies. sounds like a total bargain. will have to try and build up the stength to go to IKEA. nearly had a nervous breakdown in there last time I went (8 years ago!!) and never went back!!!

  • the three in one high chairs are good.
    you know thr wooden ones that convert from a highchair, to table and chair x
    i had one for justin and it was great it lasted till he was almost three years old x
  • iv just been on the ikea website and that highchair looks fab! a nice neutral colour and the insert is great that u can blow up to however much support baby needs! think il be getting that one as grace needs one now,thanx ladies!! xx
  • Have to agree they look brill and we're steeling ourselves for an early morning visit to Ikea tomorrow-hope you guys get some sort of comission on this! Thanks again x
  • I went a bit OTT when choosing Josh's high chair and spent ??250 (yes, you read that right!) on the M&P Loop. Bit, I love it and he looks so cosy in it. He's been using it for about 4 weeks now, since he was about 18 weeks old.
  • Hey - i got the chicco polly too and its fab, adjustable and soo comfy!! Cleans well too.

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