FAO: Mum to 1

Hey B,
Thanks for your message yest... feeling a bit brighter today think it's the relief of going to docs.
Er, have you seen the snow outside?! Bloody typical! Sorry hun but i dont fancy pushing my two all the way to the chuch hall in that, so can we leave it for another day? It seems like we never going to meet up but we will. Maybe in about 2 yrs. LOL!
Keep meaning to ask you are you on FB? x


  • Hey hun,
    Just spent 5 mins replying and suprise suprise it has vanished-gone into the etha-aggghhhh!
    Anyway no probs about meeting up. I don't fancy going in the car let alone pushing a double buggy! Can't believe it's lying on the ground I thought we over this snow. Hope it bogs off soon!
    Glad you're feeling better today and again well done for getting some support. Dr Brookes is my fav could tell her anything if you know what I mean!
    Right well better get a start on some dusting (haven't since....wait for it....my birthday 3 weks ago-how gross is that?!?) couldn't do it yesterday as we had my going back to work talk which was very, very scarey (more when I see you!).
    Think we need to some how work out how to email/text then we can meet up any old time we fancy. Can't believe you're like 2 streets away-how fab is that?!
    Like the idea of SW too! Take care, keep warm and see you soon, Bx
  • bumping again Just In Case x
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