do you read Prima Baby & pregnancy mag?

I read it every month when I was pg and the next issue couldn't come out fast enough for me! I still buy it now too. xx


  • i loved it when i was pregnant. i liked the week guide to whats happening inside with the baby.

    i think it could do with a few more real life articles.
  • Have bought this months with Tracy from Corrie on the front. Was totally addicted when prg but kinda taled off since having lo but back into it now. Only since having cut down on my weekly celeby type mags!
    I'm terrible most of my mates don't buy mags they just take mine when I'm done! I think its hard as they have to get the balance right between mums to be and new mums so sometimes theres loads that I'm interested in (bit about childcare was handy for me this month) and other times its not for me.
  • Bought it while pg, and for a few months after LO was born (used to buy other parenting mags as well) but havent bought any for ages Now. I used to buy for the freebies as well.
  • I was wondering this just the other day - I feel a bit guilty as although I bought every pregnancy mag going, I havent bought any baby mags since having lo. I figure I dont really need to as I get all the advice I need from the lovely ladies on here!

  • I do occasionally, it depends what in it. I have found there are other mags have more baby and less mum to be stuff in.

    Im buying it in March though cos Frankie is in it!!!!
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