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I got JJ weighed on Monday and he was 21lb 9oz, just under the 98th centile image but i saw a different HV who was quite rude about it, normally i just get told it's fine cuz he's completely off the chart for his length (in 9-12 months clothes) and he does have a big head (my normal HV said hes not fat at all cuz he's got no rolls on him, just chunky legs lol) so anyway...

the HV i saw on Monday said i need to cut out his 2 middle bottles (he was having 4 a day) which i didn't think he'd be too bothered by tbh, i was just giving it to him cuz i thought it was important...however, it seems he IS bothered by it, i managed to just completely cut 1 bottle out but by 2/3pm he's really unsettled and upset, the only thing that settles him is a 7oz bottle, have tried water, juice, dummy etc but he just gets more upset until i give him the bottle, i did try cutting it down to 4/5oz which did settle him but he was grumpy til tea time!

He has a 7oz bottle and a big bowl of porridge in the morning, some toast at about 11, half a jar of 7months food + fruit at lunch time, his 7oz bottle at 2/3pm and then a full jar of 4-6 months food at tea time followed by 9oz milk before bed that it's written down it sounds like an awful lot, i don't want him to be fat, i don't know what to doooo :\( any advice? x


  • As you know I think JJ is damn handsome and he is NOT fat he is perfect.

    His food routine sounds fine to me and if he doesn't want to drop a bottle yet - then don't!!
    Follow your lo's lead. That hv sounds like a cow, and if your normal hv says he's fine listen to her instead.

    And his amount of food/milk in one day isn't too much at all.

    Hayley x
  • At JJ's age, Gabe was still on 4 7oz bottles (not much solids though) and would not have given them up for anything, he was on 4 till he was 8 months. He used to just whinge if I didn't let him have it!!!
    JJ has a similar amount of food to Gabe and Gabe is on 60th centile for weight and 98th for height! He eats a fair amount but doesn't put the weight on. JJ is obviously a good gainer which is a blessing - I don't think he is fat at all!!! I don't think it is possible to overfeed a baby with healthy food and milk, which is all JJ is having. Its not like he's eating Mcdonalds every day and next time you see HV I would tell her that lol.
    I'd just let him eat what he likes hun
  • If he's upset i'd give him the afternoon bottle.
    HV are always contradicting each other so i'd go with your instinct.
    Also i don't think that's too much food at all, it sounds just about right to me.
  • thanks girls, feel a lot better about it now :\) i was worried about fluid intake if i did cut that bottle out too cuz he aint that great with water and juice! x
  • I've stopped taking my lo to hv cuz of conflicting (or no) advice ...

    My lo is a big boy too, 2.5 cm longer than the 99.6% on the height chart and just over the 98th weight percentile, he still has at least 4 bottles a day - sometimes 5 or 6 if he wants them!

    Milk is still his main source of nutrition so it is important!

  • I never listened to the HV to be honest.. she's more trouble than its worth. JJ is NOT fat. He's adorably,gorgoeusly squidgy. Just the way ALL babies should be. Who wants to cuddle a skeleton!? Look at how lovely he is!! Xxx
  • I would go with your instinct to be honest. Theo is a big bubba too, He weighs 21lb 9oz and is 7 months old. He has 3 bottles a day now but up until a week ago he was having 4, he just suddenly cut the mid morning one out all by himself but I give him a snack around the time he would usually have it. I would give him as much milk as he likes and when he's ready, he'll drop the feed himself.
  • What rot. I've had so much hassle from hv's about Archie's weight. Last weighed 19lbs at 22wks. Will take him next Tuesday for an update at 25wks.
    He is on 4 bottles a day but only 2 meals and the hv suggested holding off the 3rd meal until I thought he was ready to drop a bottle. I'm gonna give him 3rd meal at 26wks and if he drops bottle fine, if not, tough titties to hv.
    She has on occasion suuggested giving him water instead of milk just to slow down his weight gain, I said I'd enrol him for weight watchers instead !!
    Just do what feels right for you and JJ, When you build up his solids over time he'll start dropping the milk of his own accord (at least I think that's what'll happen. )
    He looks happy and healthy and that's all that matters. S x
  • Hey,

    I think you should go with your instincts and give him what you know will make him happy. Ignore the hv you saw on monday, you know your lo best not her.

    Babies dont know how to overfeed themselves like we do, when they are full they stop eating/drinking.

    Louise is 8 months, still has a minimum of 4 breastfeeds a day, has 3 meals and snacks.

    I'm sure your lo is not fat and when he gets really active (if he's not already) then he'll burn lots of weight off anyway!
  • God, I was just about to post whether Oscar was having too much milk, but am glad I read this first! Almost feel guilty now for dropping him down to 4 6oz! Sometimes he whinges as if he wants more but is easily distracted by his dummy, and if he takes more he's sick. He just loves to suck lol

    Hon, JJ is gorgeous and looks in perfect proportion to me! As the others have said, he eats healthily and he needs milk. If he was having too much it'd just come back up, so just chill, follow your instincts and tell the hv to go stick it... You're doing great! X
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