Something to make you laugh!!!!

My sil bought my little one a fisher price soothe and glow seahorse for christmas and I've just got round to getting it out the box today. Whilst I was opening it the text on the side caught my eye

"With a gentle squeeze, this cuddly friend glows and plays soft music, 8 lullabies and soothing ocean sounds. After 5 minutes the music fades, lights dim and baby drifts off to sleep"

ha ha ha lmao if only it was that easy!!!!!


  • Yea i saw something similar on one of those lullaby light machines that attach to the cot. Im sure it works for some people but my LO will go to sleep when she is ready and ONLY when she decides LOL!
  • Wow can I have one!!

    Someone needs to let my little girl know that's all it takes!

  • Wow it worked like a dream, after only 5 minutes she gently drifted off to sleep....... eh not! It was the usual 50 minutes of crying, moaning and stamping her feet ha ha.
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