Weaning and amount of milk a day

I have started to wean lo (lo is now 18 weeks) and she is now on 3 small meals a day-for example yesterday lo had porridge for breakfast, egg custard for lunch and carrot for tea.

What I want to know is how much milk your lo's are having when weaning (formula fed). My lo has never been a big drinker - ave 20 - 24 ozs a day but she only took 15 ozs yesterday. I can't put anymore into her as she keeps spitting the teet out.

Is she having enough milk?



  • 3 meals seems to be alot if you have weaned that early IMO . milk is far more important until she is 6 months old.
    may be worth going to just one meal a day and keep giving bottles of milk.

    just a thought though, you say your daughter has never been a big drinker so what made you decide to wean early? what age did you start weaning to end up on 3 meals at 18 weeks? not judging, just curious.
  • Milk is much more important than food at this stage as it's where a babies main nutrients come from. They should be having 20oz of milk a day up to 1 year. I agree with sleepybeccie about cutting back the food a bit and trying to up the milk again. And offer milk before food.
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