So this and found it rather amusing. lol


Just read this off one of my oh'd friends bio on xbox 360 and had to copy it and put it on here.

Mr Cadbury met Ms Rowntree in a room on Quality St. It was after 8. He turned out the light for a bit of black magic! He slipped in to her snickers and showed her his curlywurly. Not keen to have any jelly babies she let him have her up the bourneville boulevard. She screamed with Turkish delight as he took out his fun sized mars bar. It felt a bit crunchie and she wanted some timeout but he did a triwl and came in a very milky way!!

I was tickled for ages after reading that. lol

Lisa xxx


  • lol. Thats reminds me of the one I heard years ago about biscuits.

    Did you hear about the fight in the biscuit tin? The Bandit hit the YoYo with a Club, tied him with a Blue Ribbon and got away in a Taxi. lol

    When I was young I used to think that this was realy funny and loved telling this joke.

  • lol @ both hehehe xx
  • Don't think i can ever eat a Mars Bar again!
    Very funny x
  • Haha!
    I had that joke saved as a text on my phone lol.
    Sooo funny!

    Sharon x

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