Sick after finger foods...

Ruby has been weaned since 17 weeks and is now 27 and on 3 big meals a day. I am starting to introduce finger foods and she seems to get on fine until about half way through (say, a rsuk) and then starts to retch and then be sick....most of the milk or food she has just had.

What am I doing wrong?
Any suggestions?
She is so eager to hold them and bite and suck..

I have tried rusks and bread sticks (at the HV recommendation) so far...



  • Stupid BE site, i have tried once already so hope this time works...
    You are NOT doing anything wrong.
    Erin used to wretch and throw up when we first introduced lumpy food to her. Maybe Ruby is swallowing bits that are just too big? Maybe try something softer like warm buttered toast or half a banana? It is a bit of a mind field when it comes to weaning... all stages. Keep trying hun and i'm sure Ruby will get the hang of it soon. They just get so excited to be feeding themselves they want to gobble it all up! LOL.
  • Bertie did the same too, and even now at a year old he will still retch if he's not sure of something or if he decides he's had enough of chewing it! I think it's just part of the whole weaning thing unfortunately - & very frustrating too when they bring up the whole of the lunch they've just eaten!! :roll: xx
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