Anyone taken their lo's to Cyprus?

Hi ladies

We're off on our jollies to Cyprus tomorrow with Freddie (he turns 8 months while we're out there) and I just wondered if anyone had been? Having last minute panics about his food and stuff - have bought enough Ella's pouches to fill my suitcase but don't know whether to take them all!! Also stressing about flying from Leeds - there's no Boots airside so have to take milk (only 1 carton as he's still mainly bf) will they make me open it?

Think I just need to take deep breaths and get a grip .....



  • We are also going on holiday tomorrow but flying from Gatwick to Kefalonia in Greece, Cant wait! My LO is going to turn 7 months whilst we are away and i am also wondering how we will cope food wise! i have packed a bag of pasta (the tiny star pasta) so i can make a sauce whilst we are there and i know he loves it, he is also doing BLW so i figure he will more or less eat what we eat, he has dropped to 3 milk feeds a day in the last week and is much more into food....i have packed everything apart from the kitchen sink!
    I am also hoping they wont make me open the milk but am also taking water and powder to be on the safe side...

    Hope you have a fantastic holiday in Cyprus x
  • i have no pearls of wisdom - i rarely do:lol:

    but have an amazing time - i cant wait to see the pictures x
  • I haven't been to Cyprus but my family lives there and we've just come back from holidays in Fuerteventura. I took a good few ellas kitchen pouches with us too and milk etc but it was really easy to find suitable 100% fruit/veg equivalents when we were out there. I've never paid that much attention to the baby aisle in cyprus but there is a chain of supermarkets called orphanedes and carrefour which literally stock everything so i'm sure you'll have no problem getting any baby supplies. Are you renting a car? I wouldn't worry if you aren't, there are the equivalent of sainsburys locals all around too but orphanedes locals! They didn't make me open any cartons of milk i took through the airport (although I flew from east midlands despite living in walking distance from leeds/bradford!!!) either but i have heard of others who this has happened too. But if you take a bottle with you could you pour it in there if needs be and keep it until his next feed? I think it's good for a few hours once opened. Happy holidays!! xx

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  • Have a fab time Welsh image again no advice unfortunately but im sure everything will be fine and Freddie will love it!

  • Thank you! I'm sure when I've stopped stressing and calmed down we'll have a fab time!!

    Flimpo we're not planning on getting a car as we're staying close to everything - if you believe the blurb!! Thanks for the name of the supermarkets - will look out for them.

    Shockedmummy - hope you have a wonderful holiday too!

    And to my fellow BIN mummies - one thing you can guarantee is there'll be loads of piccies image

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