My breast milk is making my baby sick! BF & Baby

Bertie is 2 1/2 weeks old. Breast feeding was a struggle at first but it doesnt hurt and we were getting on really really well until last week and Bertie put on 9oz last week alone. The problem started when Bertie was getting so hungry that his feeding time increased and he was hungry all the time, he was feeding and then falling asleep and then waking up crying and hungry less than half hour later, he was also showing symptoms of colic or reflux as he was very windy and would even sick up a lot of his feed. I didnt know what to do as it seemed he was always fretting for food and was getting over tired and the colic or reflux symptoms meant that he was uncomfortable when he was feeding which was too often. I was even expressing my milk to make sure that he was getting the hind milk and it was filling him up.

I introduced an aptimal formula feed at lunchtime and in the middle of the night. I used the Dr brown bottles which are amazing. This worked wonders and he really caught up on his sleep as he would have a good sleep afterwards, he was also not showing colic or reflux symptoms and seemed really happy. So that my milk didnt depreciate and I would still have the option to breast feed I have still been expressing my breast milk and feeding it to Bertie now and again.

I have now found that I only have problems with Bertie when he has my breast milk, whether he has it straight from my breast or out of a bottle. Im gutted as I really have been starting to enjoy breast feeding after a difficult start but I dont think i can continue using it. I have read so much about it and as I cant say that he has been only having the fore milk the only thing I can put it down to is that my diet must be having an effect on my milk. I dont eat loads of rubbish but I dont eat 3 square meals packed with vegetables or anything like that. I have cut out caffene but the only dairy I have is the milk in my decaf tea.

I have got to the point where I think I should use formula for every feed as Bertie is not enjoying vomiting up his whole meal. Before I do has anyone else been through this?



  • Formula is heavier than breast milk, which if he does have reflux will be why he's sick with breast milk but not formula.

    Have you seen your doctor or health visitor about the reflux? I'm not sure if he's too young for infant gaviscon but it's worth a try - you get it on prescription.

    Try this before giving up breast feeding. I gave up at 2 weeks because my boy had a bad latch and no-one showed me how to get it right and I really regret not trying for longer.

    Good luck hon, and congratulations on your baby xxx
  • My lo had reflux with breast milk too but Gaviscon sorted it for us - go and speak to GP or HV about it all!
  • I have to agree with the other ladies - if you are enjoying it then speak to your HV/GP about it, and see what she thinks it could be.
    If it is reflux then they can prescribe gaviscon, or something else if the gaviscon doesnt work.... but they will say you have to give it a few days to a week to see how it affects your lo...
    MJ has it and now at 5 months she hardly ever brings any back up.

    if youre really enjoying bf as you say see what the gp and hv can do before giving up.
    and it isnt your breastmilk making baby sick, its an open valve in his pipe that doesnt keep the food down like it should. He will grow out of it at some point as he gets bigger and the valve can then close...
    try to make sure you eat a proper diet! and get enough fluids and rest. Also try to keep him upright for 20-40 mins after each feed if you can, and change his bum before a feed instead of after. Make sure he's winded before lying him down too, and that should all help with reflux.

    let us know how you get on.
  • I went to the doctor and he prescribed infant gaviscon as it is most likely reflux and to do with the development of the muscle that holds down the food, it is very common. I have switched to formula and giving the formula regularly and the gaviscon means he is so much more content rather than having a cycle of feeding crying puking and then feeding again to fill him back up. It was tirong for us both as he would get over tired. I am now hoping I can move from 3hour feeding to 4 hour over the next coupe of weeks, he will be three weeks old tom

  • and it isnt your breastmilk making baby sick, its an open valve in his pipe that doesnt keep the food down like it should. He will grow out of it at some point as he gets bigger and the valve can then close...

    Haha, someone should have told me that at birth.......I've still got this and I'm 28 now :lol:

    Don't feel bad if you can't eat 3 proper meals - I'm sure everone will agree that at 2 1/2 week none of us were managing that! The main thing is that you are eating well (no or little rubbish) and drinking plenty, it sounds like you already know this from your OP.

    My LO had reflux but they didn't prescribe Gavison until she was about 4 months old - she had it for 3 or 4 days but it made her so constipated that we decided it was better for her to put up with the reflux which didn't bother her, than put her through pain to poo. She eventually grew out of it at about 9 months, although now she's gone onto cows milk she does now occasionally bring up some (although nowhere near as much)

    If you enjoy BF and it doesn't hurt you (lucky you!) then I would say stick with it. Just a thought - do you eat a lot of citrus fruit or grapes? These can have an effect on babies - I think there are other foods which can as well but cannot remember them atm. If he continues to put on weight, then he IS getting what is best for him - my LO was a slow weight gain, usually only around 2oz per week but you could tell she was happy and healthy so I didn't worry.

    Corinna x
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