I couldnt stay at home all day.

Oh my God I couldn't be a stay at home mummy. Kara has not been well this week so I took today off although she is coming around but is still a big clingy and not really eating. My husband is working until 8.30 pm. I hate being in the house and realise that this would be my worst nightmare staying at home and not working. I love spending time with Kara and still loving it today but I find it so boring. There is nothing on TV and I can't get a minute to do housework as Kara doesn't want to play on her own or sleep much. To be honest I am not even dressed. I didn't see the point! To top it all off I looked and I have nothing in for my dinner so I have to wait until my husband gets back as I can't take Kara out. My husband always said he would love to stay at home and watch Kara but that is not possible as bills have to be paid. When I was on Maternity I was out all the time which is probably why I feel like this being stuck in all day. If my husband was here I would be ok lol. I am a moaner today.


  • I'm a stay at home mum & I don't mind it too much! It does get boring sometimes but for the most part I love it. I agree it can be tiring when they're ill as they need a lot of attention but when Gabe is his usual self it's great and manage to get on BE a lot as he will play nicely on his own too x
  • Hi i was a stay at home mum for the first few months...I was all set to go back after my mat leave but my employers would not budge on me having weekends and Public Hols off(i worked at an Hotel)i didnt want to miss out on those sort of days with my LO so i decided not to return....
    Those first couple of mths were very lonely and i did get abit depressed(im also a single mummy so i think i found it harder being in all day and night alone)
    I now work part time,doing private cleaning so i get to choose my hrs and days off its great!i really enjoy the days i have at home with my lo and i also enjoy the break and getting out the house and seeing ppl again lol!
    My mood has also improved,im not the kind of person who can stay at home as i get bored so easily even though my lo does keep me very busy!
    Going back to work saved my sanity lol x
  • Aww, sorry Kara isnt well hun. I love being a stay at home mum (although technically still employed at the moment) and I never have time to get bored. We are out and about whenever we can be and he loves it, but equally I love playing at home with him and getting to be selfish and have lots of cuddles with him all to myself. When he's asleep I have tonnes to do, then he's awake and we can go out or just play again. He's fab company (hmmm, what does that say about my mental age? lol)

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