Scary mama!

I posted on here a few days ago about not accepting any more parcels for neighbours.......

Well oh been working away since Tuesday so my nerves are getting slightly fraught with having lo on my own since then (lol!) She's been a bit cranky this morning so put her down for a nap. As soon as she goes to sleep - ding dong !! Silly cow from Next - oh told her not to come here again (next door's order). So Charlotte starts crying and I fly downstairs & open the door and in anger I've shouted "you've just woken my f'******* baby up"! OOOPS! She apologised but still asked me if I would accept the parcel so I snatched it off her and just scribbled on her pad for a signature & slammed the door in her face!!!

Don't think she'll be coming back soon.............image


  • Good for you! I'm having a lazy day - i just had to open the door to the postman, still in my dressing gown........he he
  • Well she wouldn't settle so checked her nappy and she'd done a big splat of a poo (teething?) so changed her and she eventually went off. Now fast asleep when she normally has her lunch!

    Going to see my dad this afternoon so that will cheer her up. Plus she can pull his dog's ears and generally terrorise him.

    Also thinking of lobbing next door's parcel over the fence - lol!
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