Cant believe tax credits

I went to the bank today to check if my tax credits has been paid in and it had been. But there is double the amount that should be in there. I rung tax credits to see if they had made a mistake and they said no. all they have paid in is one lot of ??168 but my bank is saying that the other 168 has come from them. I have rung them 3 times today and they keep saying its nothing to do with them as if it was it would be showing up on there system as an over payment. What do i do?
the women in the bank said if they keep saying its not from them just spend it,


  • i wouldn't spend it straight away if i were you hun, you don't want them to turn around and say it's a mistake and needs to be paid back or taken off your future payments.
    maybe leave it a week or so and then phone them again, they will have it on record that you have already phoned them about it
  • i agree with mumof2 wait a while b4 u spend it u hear of them cockin up ppl's payments all the time and then expectin it to b paid back
    B nice if they don't realise they've done it tho! extra cash 4 xmas!!
  • Will def ring them again next week. But will also ring them again tomorrow. I told them it had been paid in by them and all three people i spoke to were adament it wasnt from the tax office. They all said it probally came from child benefit but that goes into a different account anyway. I Will keep ringing to see if they want it back. But if not it will be a nice xmas present
  • I have rung the tax office and they told me that they had paid a 168 in, which they owe me from the begining of the year and my normal payment of 168 will be in there tomorrow (friday) like usual. It was one of the things we had thought about but as our payments are weekly they never double them, it just gets paid in a few days early.
    Thanks for all your replies. Will be leaving it in there until it gets sorted. Would have been nice to have an early xmas present but I dont want to risk it as I dont want to owe anybody any money.
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