Did anyones work change the maternity package?

Hi ladies,

I finshed to start maternity leave today. I have worked for the business for 8 months, and as a result, just miss out on SMP. This means I can apply for Maternity allowance, which I have applied for. Today, work told me they would like to offer me 4 months full pay, but this would mean that I would miss out on maternity allowance.

Did anyone elses work change there maternity package?

They way I see it, i just need to do the mathes - 9 months at ??124 per week (MA), or 4 months of my salary and then nothing after for 5 months.

I can't see any way of getting both. Anyone any ideas?

Rucky 37 & 4


  • can you ask your work to spread out the 4 months full pay over the 9 month period?
    either that or take whichever pays you more!
    also it would be worth asking if the 4 months full pay from work is conditional on you returning for a certain period after finishing your maternity leave.
  • It's not conditional on anything, which is good. I wonder whether I can ask them to pay it at the end of the MA, so after 39 weeks. I just don't know if I can have both - some company paid maternity leave, and then maternity allowance...
  • If you qualified for SMP you would only get 6 weeks full pay (well, 90% of full pay but close enough) and then 33 weeks of ??124, so getting four months of full pay may even be a better deal than that, depending on how much you earn.

    As for getting both, I don't see why not. MA is a statutory scheme, paid to you by the government. If you privately enter into an agreement with your work for them to pay you extra, then lucky for you.

    HOWEVER, it may be that on the MA paplication forms you have to sign a declaration saying that it will be your only source of income or that you will notify HMRC if you get any other income while receiving MA. In that case you won't be able to claim both.

    Alternatively, you could take the four months pay from your work, and then at the end of that period apply for MA from that point on iyswim?

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