The Implant

Hey ladies not posted on this forum much cant seem to drag myself away from pregnancy lol, But thought it was about time i got to know the ppl with babies already, my story is i have a daughter Ashleigh who will be 2 in July and a daughter Teigan who will be 7 weeks old on monday, first labour was a bit rough and the second couldnt really have been better apart from the 5 weeks of slow labour lol, Both my girlies are well behaved as in they both sleep through ash slept through from about a week old and teigan has been sleeping through about 3 weeks now and before that she only ever woke once anyway.
Well a big hello to everyone who i dont already know and to the ladies i do know.

Lets get to the point then i had the implant fitted today and it hurts now the anisthetic wears off has anyone else had one fitted and what sort of experiances you have had with them, i have heard good and bad things about it, but she did say it wouldnt hurt that much afterwards yet im struggling to hold teigan whilst feeding her its hurting so much, has anyone else experianced this?
thanks for looking ladies Sophie, ashleigh and Teigan xx

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