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Am Idoing something wrong?

Hi, Neve is 4 weeks old now and has started a pattern of being wide awake between 10.30pm and 3.15am she cries on and off and will not let us put her down. Sometimes I can see that she does have a bit of colic but not always and we do give her Dentinox in the eveniings to help with this. Because I am breastfeeding she feeds tend to be all over the place which makes it tricky to try and give her a big feed at around 10-11pm as she often won't take it. I also have noticed that early morning I have lots of milk but that it tails off during the day, last night we gave her a bottle so I could check how much she was from me in the evening and over a two hour period I could only express 50mls (tried this morning to test and got almost 200mls). So we have been giving her the odd bottle at night which she finishes and then comfort sucks on me until she goes to sleep. Am expressing a lot to try and up my milk supply but this doesn't seem to be helping.

I know she is too young to be in any kind of routine but with her sleeping and my sporadic milk production I feel really really disorganised and that I am making a bit of a mess of it all. I can't help thinking that something I am doing is preventing her sleeping?

Any thoughts or advice would be very gratefully received.


  • I'm sure that nothing you are doing is making her like this, she is only very young still. Dont feel pressured the get into a routine, it will happen when it happens. As i didnt breast feed i cant really help you, sorry. Why dont you post this on the b.feeding section of this site? If not, i'm sure the others on here will be able to offer some advice to you. Take care and dont let this get you down. You are doing a great job!
    Katie. X
  • Thanks for the suggestion, have put it on the bf section as well.
  • Hi, I wasn't a b-feeder but felt the same way as you did when Lily was little. Until she was 6 weeks we barely got any sleep at night. Because she had tummy ache she couldn't settle and I had to sit up in bed in the small hours of the night holding her against my shoulder and feeling like a failure because she didn't seem happy.

    But then after 6 weeks she suddenly settled into her own routine and started having a feed at 11 then sleeping til 6 or 7 which was like heaven!

    I think the early weeks are up and down for everyone, Neve is still really young and just getting used to being in the world- it might take a bit of time but things really will improve soon. And don't worry that you're doing something wrong, the fact that you care so much shows you're a good mum.

    Good luck. xxx
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