Trying to begin to introduce formula - need help!!

Right - here's the story:
My lo is now 26 weeks He has been exclusively breastfed since day 5 (he was prem so had some special prem formula until I managed to express enough to feed him down his tube) until 2 weeks ago when I began weaning. Solids are going great - he is on 2 meals a day and still having 4 feeds alongside. Since about 10 weeks old he has been on infant gaviscon which he takes before each breast feed from a bottle.
There has never been any probs with him having a bottle as initially he had to have expressed milk bottle top ups as he wasn't strong enough to feed for long, then when those stopped he started the gaviscon so was having a bottle at every feed, all along when I have had to be out or the one day I was too ill to attempt to feed he has had occasional bottles on expressed milk.
So that's the background. Now I have decided it is time to start introducing formula as he will soon be at nursery 2 days a week when I am back at work and I can't/don't want to be trying to express enough milk for his feeds, I have enjoyed feeding but am ready to start reclaiming my body. So on Saturday night his feed before bed I gave him a bottle of formula and he took 5.5oz without a problem and went off to bed happy. Come sunday night tried to do the same but he would not take the bottle - pulled a face as if to say that tastes DISGUSTING and then just screamed (my hubbie tried too) until I relented (v quickly) and fed him. Tonight I again tried the same and the same face came out and the screaming started but I got him calmed down and tried again and he did accept about an oz or oz and a half before starting the screaming again - after prob about 15 mins (intotal from first offering the bottle) I relented again and fed him!
So any ideas how I might be able to start and introduce formula and slowly reduce the breast feeds???
So far I have thought that:
a) maybe I should try a bottle at a different time of the day? Is it cos he is tired maybe?
b) Maybe I should start by mixing one oz of formula into a bottle of expressed milk so that the taste isn't that different and then slowly reduce the expressed milk and increase the formula by one oz a day? Can I do this as in the mixing thing? Do you think it would work?
c) Should I just preserve and let him scream until he gets so hungry he takes it? Don't like the sound of this but would do it if it cracks it and nothing else will?! Would have tried this tonight but the screaming was just making him tired and I didn't want him going to bed without any feed as I knew that would just lead to him waking up again.
d) use formula to mix his porridge/cereal to get him used to the taste for a few days before trying the bottle again??

Does anyone have any experience or advice???!!!! Anything would help!!!!!


  • Hi. Sorry not really had experience of this, as when I went from breast milk to formula Lily was absolutely fine with the changeover.
    Anyway firstly I would perhaps try a bottle of formula at a different time of the day. He probably is tired and a little cranky and is not very adaptable to change. Perhaps try a bottle of formula in the morning. This was the first one I changed with Lily.
    Using formula to mix his cereal is also a good idea as he may then start to get used to the taste.
    Have you thought about changing brands of formula? I know it's pretty expensive stuff to keep buying until he finds one he likes, but I do believe changing formula works for some babies.
    I would breast feed him as normal for the next day or two then start introducing the formula again.
    As I've said this is advice not really based on experience, but it's what I would do. Good luck with it.
  • Hi, I introduced a top feed at three months and had no problem at all. I think the milk you give makes all the difference. Try giving a formula which is as close to breast milk as possible. I used Cow & Gate, which worked fine...
  • Thanks for the input ladies!

    I tried his mid morning feed with formula today and again it wasn't happening so tiredness doesn't seem to be the problem.

    I mixed his porridge with formula this morning though and he ate it all so I will keep going with that.

    I was using Farleys (just the ready mix cartons) but I have been and bought a cow and gate one and an SMA and an aptamil to see if any of those go down better!

    Anyone else any ideas?
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