Hi, I would like some advice please!

I'm currently on maternity leave & am thinking of returning to work Feb/March next year. I work full time, Monday-Friday, but am considering dropping a day.

I have already discussed with my manager re. initially going back 'full-time', but for a month or 2 & using holidays to take 1 or 2 days off per week. I think this way it will ease me back into work and my daughter into nursery, whilst also having the opportunity to try out part-time hours. I am thinking of this already, as the earlier I can mention it to my manager perhaps the greater the chance of my request being granted (especially with working in the NHS & all the problems that seem to be currently looming).

So I am looking for your advice or experiences of going from full to part-time... if I were to drop a day, which day would be best & why?

I have been given conflicting advice from friends already, such as: Drop the Monday or Friday, so I could have long weekends OR drop the Wednesday, so as to break the week up. What's best?!

Your advice would be greatly appreciated!
Many thanks,


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  • it all depends on you,what day would suit you better,when i wanted to go back part time to work after ds1,they gave me no option,they told me the days i would be working and that was finale
  • drop the monday as a lot of bank holidays fall on these, you won't loose these in effect you sort of gain extra days if that makes sense!!
  • Hi, I am going back to work in 2 weeks. I was full time, but I have dropped two days. My bosses have asked specifically for me to come in fridays, so I chose to go in tuesday and wednesday too. That way every week I get a long weekend every week! Moonbean is right too!!
  • I'm dropping monday but that's because I have deadlines on fridays so whilst they'd let me take it off I know I'd end up working at home. I like the idea of long weekends so suits me fine, also working at home tuesday so only in office 3 days which I can manage!
  • Randomly I've ended up with Tuesdays off as didn't get a place at the nursery for Tuesdays but the time I went back to work but I really like it. I have weekend then one day at work to catch up, day off then a 3 day week! It also fits really well with the local mums and baby things where I live which are also on Tuesdays. I would reccomend finding out when things like this are on in your area to see which day would be best!
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