feel sad

probably most mums feel like this but im so sad ive just finished my maternity and im due bk in wrk 11th feb at the moment im taking all my holidays. i feel like i dont want to leave my boy and ive got so use to bein at home looking after him (hes my first baby). i kept saying before leaving wrk i will be back im not staying at home but now xmas as gone and its getting so close i dont want to go back.

how did other mothers cope and did you get over it, in time?


  • no. i still aint gone bck and brooke is 18 months, i quit i couldnt and still cant bear the thought of leaving her! i say if u dont wnt to go back dont! u cant replace time with ur kids! money is an issue but u just cope u get buy with what u have got. if u need to u cud go out evenings when lo is in bed and get someone to sit in with him. xx
  • yea know how you feel. think i need to go back as we have a mortage etc. but in another way i think its prob to go bk now in feb than later coz i'll be more prone to stay at home. i cant see how my manager didnt it she said she had her last baby then she went back to wrk 6weeks later. i couldnt do that. finding it hard now and my son will be 10months old.
  • I havent worked since having my daughter 15 months ago, in that time I also managed to squeeze in another!! Jack, he's 9 weeks and I could never imgaine going to work and leaving them for ages. I'd cry all day long!!

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