Cot bumpers?

Ok so my little girl who is nearly 5 weeks old has been sleeping in her moses basket (day and night) but tonight is the first night we are trying her in her crib to get her used to it (it looks massive compared to the moses basket never mind the cot lol) this is the m&ps crib..

the bedding set comes with a bumper and i have just read over the past few days that these can be dangerous - something to do with restricting the air flow? i didnt give it a second thought before reading this and hubby thinks i am silly to worry about it but now im all paranoid and dont want to use it..

the thing is i have put the bumper at the bottom of the cot so she isnt really restricted and the reason i have done this is because to be feet down her legs would poke through the spaces and im worried she'll catch or hurt her foot or leg (i worry about anything and everything) so i just wondered what everyones opinions on cot bumpers are - do you use them? Also for those that dont use them and have cots/cribs similar to mine - what about feet poking through the bars?


Laura x

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  • Hi ,

    We did have cot bumpers but on the cot not crib. They should sit at the head of the crib / cot and baby be put foot to feet. The advice is not to use them with babies who cant roll over as if they become stuck with their faces into the bumper they may not be able to breathe properly.

    We did use them but at the head and it was a cot so he could move up to the top at that young age anyway.

    I wouldnt personally have used them in a crib . I wouldnt worry about the feet poking through the bottom. We never experianced this as a problem but then we did use sleeping bags as soon as he was big enough.

    hope this helps xx
  • Hey there! I'm still worrying about what to do with cot bumpers and my DS is nearly 9months, lol!!

    As for the crib tho, ours was almost exactly the same as yours, and we didn't use bumpers in it, but LO was in a sleeping bag so this prevented feet sticking out the bars at the bottom and I think he was about the same age as your DD. You just have to make sure they're the minimum weight for the sleeping bag which I think is about 7lb.

    Hope this helps xxx
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