Help please - how long is too long without a wet nappy ?

Hi my LO isn't well today was sick during the night and hasn't eaten it drank much since last night either. Also developed rash on her face today and has not had a wet malpractice since 7pm last night but seems ok ish in herself. Been to see GP this afternoon and he didn't seem concerned re not eating & drinking and nappies. LO is 20 months


  • hi, well its getting on for 24hours now since last wet nappy, if it was me i wld ignore gp and phone out of hours for another opinion, a few weeks ago ds had a dicky tummy was barely eating or drinking and was doing 8+ huge explosive poos where nothing appeared to be digested (sry tmi) gp said not to worry about itn and it was a bug doing the rounds, a week later he was still doing 4+ explosion poos and we were at a paediatrican appointment for something else and i mentioned it to him and he said 5-6+ shld mean taken to hospital for a check over and possibly fluids etc he didn't seem very happy and took the gps name and practise and said he was gonna look into that i'm not quite so keen on listening to gp advice now, iyswim? but 24hours does seem a long time for no wet nappies...hope she's better soon xx
  • we usually say 6-8 hrs in Paeds A&E. However if a baby has not passed urine for 24 hrs they are usually quite sick looking and a very mottled colour. What could be happening is that she is having very little wee's and the nappy is absorbing it up. What you could do and what we do at work is to weigh a new nappy and then weigh (kitchen scales are the best) the one that has been on. In general 1g in weight is 1ml of urine. Now 20g doesn't feel much in weight but 20ml is an ok size wee for a lo. At the end of the day I would always say go with your gut feeling so if you think she's ok ish then try weighing nappies if you feel uncertain get her checked out.

    Hope this helps and that she's better soon x
  • Hi ladies thanks for the replies since i last posted shes drank 3oz milk and some more water so feel a bit better about it now.

    Katstar thanks for the tip about weighing nappies curiosity got the better of me so i weighed the one i just took off compared to a new one and it weighed 40g more but i wouldn't have guessed that

    Thanks again


  • doesnt no wet nappies imply dehydration - which is extremely dangerous in adults and children xxx
  • yes ususally but as i have explained in my update post she is dong wet nappies just not soaking them which is understandable considering she's not drinking much
  • Good glad it's helped! The disposable nappies are so good at doing their job that you cant really tell if it's just a small wee! Hope she's better soon and that you both get a good night's sleep x
  • Hi Cazz

    Another trick a MW told me (due to disp napies being so absorbant!!) was to put a cotton wool pad into her nappy when you put a new one next, then when you chnage her nappy you will clearly see if its wet of not as the cotton wool pad will be wet x x
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