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How things have changed since being a mum

Hi girls

This post is not me moaning, or being down at all but I am sat here this morning thinking about how much things have changed.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE being a mummy I am so proud every time I look down at my little girl but I am almost like a different person now.

I looked in the mirror this morning and have changed so much, my body no longer looks like my body, I use to wake up for work , put on some make up, make a big effort and do my hair. These days I get up scrape my hair back into a pony tail, don't wear any make up and put on baggy clothes or my hubbies t shirts,.

I am dying for some new clothes but A still need to lose some weight as I am just about fitting into my pre pregnancy jeans and stuff, and B have no money right now.

I feel like I am not that 27 year women who took pride in herself and now I am just mummy and I look like and feel like a mummy too.

Does anybody else feel this way? Maybe we could get a little list together of things that we all do to make us feel sexy or to make us feel glam and good about ourselves and share them?

K xxx


  • Actually going back to work helped me honey, It gave me an incentive to do my hair and make up and wear some decent clothes!!! I also can't afford new clothes much now either so I shop in these little second hand boutique shops and have picked up some lovely clothes for a bargain!! I got a calvin klein jacket other day for ??8!!!

    I also won a gym membership 3 months a go and its done me the world of good to get my c-sec tummy back in shape

    Hubby and I also make a pact to make an effort at least once a fortnight - even if its having dinner in the house but i'll dress up a little - makes me feel sexy and daddy gets to see a yummy mummy too!!

    How old is lo honey? My lo is now 2 but it took me a while to get my sexiness back, so it will happen eventually!!

    and the other week, daddy and I were going to a ball and oi'd had my hair done and had a long black evening dress on. I came down stairs and Shea was with babysitter in living room and he looked up and said "wow mummy"!!!!!!
  • Hi K-Lou
    Reading your post was like I had written it myself. My little boy cries pretty much all day unless he is snuggled in my arms and even then he moans but I love him and I prefer my life with him in it than without. I rarely get to eat my breakfast or lunch in peace but I still love being a Mummy.
    Like you I always made so much effort in my appearance and had to be glam and well turned out in the job I do. I am now sat here in a tracksuit, no make up and flat hair that badly needs it's roots doing!! I would rather sit cuddling and playing with my boy than spending over an hr making myself look pretty.
    I've not bought any new clothes either. I can't justify treating myself anymore. I get more pleasure buying for George.
    I can't share any tips on how I make myself feel nice/sexy as I haven't quite got that far yet!!
    Mummyhood rules!! xx
  • Thanks for getting back to me girls.

    Alcott - I understand what your sating babe but I want to me more than just mummy you know, I would love to feel a little bit like my old self. I think it's very important to not lose site of who you was before the little one came along you know image Not just for me but hubby as well. I hate have greasy hair stuck back in a pony and no make up, I feel like an old women LOL

    Rose is only 7 weeks old bless her little heart, I like to run a nice hot bath and soak in that and then put a nice cream all over my body, that makes me feel good about myself but I was just wondering how everybody else made them self's feel good image

    K xx
  • After I had my section and then got an infection I spent my life in jogging bottoms which I hated!!! So now I dont need to wear stuff thats loose, I have been making more of an effort which makes me feel better about myself, especially as I still have some weight to loose.

    I am still in my mat jeans and some tops, and have just spent ??20 on two tops from New Look which are loose but make me feel like I look nice.

    I have a shower in the evening while hubby is giving James his 7pm feed, then lay out what Im going to wear the next day. I always put on a bit of make up, not much as I dont like wearing too much but always concealer to cover up the dark circles!! I keep it in the bathroom so when I brush my teeth in the morning I can pop some on and it makes me look a bit more human again!

    Putting a bit of perfume on always makes me feel nice too. Its all stuff that takes a few mins but makes me feel much better about myself, I always get dressed early too, I put James on my bed and chat to him while I get dressed as I know that if I didnt do it when I first get up I would spend my day in my PJs lol!!

    Being a mummy is fab! I feel so much more relaxed this time round, I also appreciate how quickly this stage goes so Im trying to make the most of every minute with him.

    Jem and James (nearly 8 weeks) xxx
  • I know how you feel K-lou, and the worse thing is EVERYONE else seems to manage getting dressed into normal clothes and wearing make-up!

    I spent the 1st couple of months of lo life in mat clothes and joggers, only putting make-up on if I was meeting people! And although I didn't like it that much, a part of me did enjoy the excuse not to make too much effort!

    When lo was about 8weeks old I decided to join WW again, and that really helped me. It made me look at what I was eating (although I was eating well as am bf but maybe a bit too much fatty stuff!) and also gave me 1hr to myself 1 night a week. It was spring/summer then so sometimes Huuby and baby would walk with me then Hubby would take lo round for a walk and meet me after and sometimes they would stay at home and I would go alone. I am no longer going as I am on SMP now so can't really jusify the expense but it helped me when I needed it and I am now loosing weight on my own at home.

    A bath is nice but I always found as soon as I soaked into those bubbles lo would need me for a feed!
  • Make Up was the answer for me! I carried on putting my make up on as usual the day after my baby was born and it meant that even though the rest of me looked crap I still felt a bit ok about myself.
    Also I think it was around 7/8 weeks that we started putting our LO up to bed by herself a few hours before we came up (before that she just slept in the front room and we all went to bed together). We didn't do much other than read or watch tv but it gave us a little bit of time as a couple.
  • i've felt just same as you after both pg! i'm 20lb heavier than when i fell pg this time. But the thing is you will get back to normal.

    my stomach is still very swollen from c section and i'm still in mat clothes- which is great now its getting cold and they were bought in height of summer!

    just be easy on yourself put on make up everyday- does help and you will sooner or later feel yurself x
  • My little one is only 3 weeks old but I have mastered the art of putting on liquid eyeliner with one hand whilst feeding the baby with the other!! It does me the world of good to put makeup on even if I am staying in.
    Admittedly today I am still in my pj's with hair scraped back due to lo being full of a cold and not sleeping but everyone needs pj days! xxx

  • For the first few months I was the same hun. Don't worry, it will sort itself out.
    I too managed to feed or cuddle little one with one hand and do my make-up with the other after a couple of months.
    Once I started back to work when she was 9 months old, hubbie and I would get up early enough for us both to manage to get ready while the other sorted lo out.
    I work three days a week but on the other days, hubbie does her breakfast while I have a shower and now at 14 months (she has been doing it since 9) she comes upstairs with me and plays with my make-up on the floor while I finish off, straighten my hair etc.

    It does take time and although it feels like it will never be the same again, it will.
    I now feel the same as I did before and pride myself on that when I go out with lo.
    I make sure that i do my make-up and get dressed even if we are staying in.
    Give yourself time and you will get a routine.
    Admittedly like lulu says, I do have pj days. Occasionally I will go back to bed if she gets up early and then goes back to bed for a nap later on! This is allowed but I never tell hubbie!!


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  • Every mummy deserves half an hour in the morning to wash her hair and put on a bit of mascara. My lo is now 6months so he's used to my 'getting ready' routine and will happily play by himself for 30mins but when he was tiny i used to pop him in his car seat next to my mirror and talk to him while i did my makeup, if he started crying (which he usually did!) i'd rock him with my foot.

    I feel like crap if i don't have a proper wash, even if im not leaving the house i put abit of makeup on and i paint my toenails a bright colour (no point doing the fingers as they get chipped). Little things like that make me feel more 'normal'.

    Oh, im also a big fan of a long hot soak and lots of moisturiser! xx
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