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Can I just ask, Rose has been arching her little back from time to time and sounds like she is straining. She also goes all red in the face and does a lot of bottom burps. This is not all the time but she looks like she is in pain, she also makes a lot of grunting noises mainly of night when she is alseep is this normal?

She is doing enough wee's and poo's throughout the day feeding every two to tree hours and I am breasting at the mo.

K xx


  • Hi !

    I would say the grunting is fine, charlotte used to make all sorts of noises while sleeping when she was little. Grew out of it by about 3 months old. As for the arched back it sounds like she might be getting wind and letting rip via her little bottom !

    If she's not crying in pain and going to the loo enough I wouldnt worry too much.
  • If she's arching her back she could have colic. Do you wind her after every feed? And does she bring her wind up easily?

    You could try giving her tummy a little massage in a clockwise direction, this should help with any air bubbles in her tummy. If you feel any with your fingers then walk them out to disperse them. This should hopefully stop her straining and grunting.

    Have a word with your hv just in case it is colic and then you can get something prescribed like colief
  • Lily Fay grunts almost constantly while she's asleep. Its really annoying because it keeps me awake and when I do drop off wakes me up again long before she needs a feed! It sounds like shes clearing her throat..I've tried infacol, colief, gripe water and gaviscon and nothing stops her doing it.
  • Max grunts/trumps/squeals/gurgles in his sleep all flippin night! Little monkey!

    In regards to arch back, Max does this and normally is proceeded by a giant trumpet bum haha! I think all little babies have windy/colic times. It's when it goes on for hours on end that it needs a little extra help. Max is worse in evenings as he is clustering.

    My OH was a terribly colicky baby, he would cry constantly unless being pushed in his pram, sometimes for 12+ hours a day - yikes!!

  • Thanks girls, I will keep a little eye on her she seems to bring up burps every now and then they have been much louder lately though but I have been giving her Infacol.

    She seems to so more farts than anything which is soooo funny they are so loud they make her jump LOL I might give the HV a call though I am taking her to have her weight done this thursday and might have a little talk to them about it image She does do a little scream but then stops I think it's more to get a bit of attention as she loves being picked up and held.

    K xx
  • We used infacol or the rubbing belly technique like Tequila suggested. Glad you like being in the baby forum! x
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