The best thing...

For some more cheesy and positive vibes before bedtime... :lol:

I was rambling to my lo the other day and trying to tell her when I love her the most, but obviously couldn't decide! But I think maybe she's at her cutest after bathtime, we dry her on the change mat on a table and then my oh will hold her hands and sit her up, she looks so little and sleepy before bed...

When does your lo just make you go 'awwwww'??


  • I love it when they eat new things... Nym is at that sort of can pincer grasp things... I gave her fresh raspberries after dinner, her tiny fingers trying to "pinch" the raspberry then maintain hold until it is really firmly in her mouth, her single finger poking it back in her mouth as it nearly comes out, and then her surprised and curious expressions as she discovers new flavors and textures.

    But maybe it's when they look at you and you can see they are using their entire face to speak but can't make words... it's so sweet trying to communicate,

    Or, maybe.... all right I'll stop

  • Thanks for the replies, they all made me smile!
  • I love Gabe's giggle...he thinks its hilarious if he's having tummy time on the floor, and I 'hide' on the other side of the room, and crawl like a mad thing up to him! He's got such a laugh, he should be on the Cow & Gate advert.
    He also laughs if you kiss and munch the tops of his thighs!

    He is ever so cute after a bath having naked time cos he loves it, he grabs his towel, wraps it around him and rolls about smiling. Unfortunately we cant do it anymore as he has very bad eczema & just rubs himself raw even with scratch mitts.
  • Poor Gabe, Tiger Lily.... have you tried neem cream? It helps my daughter who has bad eczema... well sometimes. It was recommended to me by a herbalist my mil swears by. My daughter suffers terribly from eczema too, and I genuinely believe that she has many different triggers and each one kind has a different treatment which eases things better if only I could figure out what... sigh...

    But when ever she is raw red and open sores I use neem cream and it really does help. When she has a raised pink rash thats dry and just cracking I use the eumivate cream (steriod) and demol lotion, and if it's just slightly pink but not raised yet I use metanium before bed, and dermol lots all day... it's the best I've figured out yet, but it seems to have no reason or rhyme.... sorry to take over post, and go on for ages off topic.... so tired.... ignore me really :P

  • I love it when Tommy giggles at me or gets one of his long chats going!

    The thing I really cant wait for tho is the 1st time he holds his arms out for a cuddle!

  • It changes all the time but recently Sonny has been upping the cute stakes as I am taking him up to bed.

    We always do the same routine, I say "ok bedtime" & he toddles over to me I then pick him up & say "night night frank (the cat)" & sonny says "get out cat " (something my mum taught him to do to cats & he wont drop!!) & then I say "night night daddy" & he & oh have a kiss & cuddle then as I take him out of the room he starts blowing kisses to oh (and possibly the cat? image ) & keeps blowing kisses until I put him in bed.

    Super cute & part of our routine that I love & don't want him to grow out of.
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