OH's work Christmas Do's?

:lol: just being nosey again girls!

but whose OH's are having a work Christmas do.. what does ir consist of? & most importantly Are YOU invitied & what do you wear? (lol only asking as I dont get to have my own work do's any more!)

I've been to all my OH's work do since i've known him.. at the last one he got quite drunk as asked if he could tell one or two people that I was pregnant! :roll: I was only two months! :lol: he ended up telling EVERYONE!! I had people at the start of the night trying to 'force' me to drink and at the end of the night people I didn't know coming up to me saying 'well done, congratulations!' I did get given a bottle of champers to take how which i still havent had yet! image

last year I just wore a back slinky vest top with a see thru loose top thingy over it (lol as i was already showing and trying to keep it private! :lolimage and black trousers!

but the year before I went all out got my hair done at Toni & Guys had a beautiful & V.expencive black silk dress from wearhouse & really georgous shoes!! (have warn neither since! lol)

I love his work do's, the have had the tenners there, brunking broko (sp thingy) casino's girls brought over from lasvagas and champane on tap all night! plus a sit down meal with a top cheif.. so lovely! a proffessional photographer and you collect your photos at the end of the night .. then a disco later!

The cheek of his work this year are suggesting you CANT bring a guest! image gutted! :roll:

OH said 'well i'm not gonna bother going if your not there!' lol but i do really want to be there!

so spose i'll have to wait and see what they say! :lol: or just sneak in!! image

so girls how about yous? xx


  • Hubby is at his tonight! And OH's are not invited! So me and Lily are having a girly night in (lol). They never invite partners and they go for a meal which the company pays for, silly awards then a disco. Hubby can't drink as he is driving there (Over an hour away from our house) and I dread to think what time he will get home tonight!

  • Well oh doesnt go on his xmas do. Its in blackpool and we live in wigan so a bit far to go on a night out when hes the only one coming back to wigan!! I wouldnt mind but he doesnt even work in blackpool he works in blackburn. Also partners arent invited. they just go for a meal and a night out.

    Im glad he doesnt go cos ive heard some stories about what has gone on at past xmas dos. Its mainly men and only a couple of women. One of these women seems to make it her mission to snog (or more) with a different man every year even though shes married with kids. Apparently last year she suggested skinny dipping in blackpool sea in december!!!!!!!!!!! Shes the one that organises the do and is probably the one behind the no partner rule.
  • lol MKT86! 'the one behind the no partner rule'.
  • Mine is. Not sure when it will be though as he works as a chef and its very busy at the hotel at the mo. ( all the old grannies on there turkey and tinsel holidays)
    In the 4 and a half years I have been with him I have never been to any of his xmas parties. The first two, partners weren't allowed as it was staff only and for the last two years I have been pregnant with my son and my daughter so didnt feel up to going.
    This year its for staff and partners but its only a party that they put on in the hotel where he works, so I don't think it's going to be anything special. I have been kindly informed by my friends that they are going to babysit and one of them will drive us to and from the party to save on the taxi fare.

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  • my dh used to go to hull for his old work christmas do- we live in liverpool! he worked in manchester!
  • I was invited to his last year but was sufferung with evening pregnancy sickness so pulled out. This year my dh asked if I wanted to go while they were deciding whether to take partners or not - I said I wasn't bothered either way and wouldn't be upset if not! They decided no partners in the end. I'm also going to my work one as on maternity leave and this year I grt to drink as i'm not pregnant - yeah! Dh doesn't pay for his but I have to pay for mine - school budget doesn't stretch that far! lol. The headteacher does usually buy lots of wine though.
  • Ooo we don't have to pay.. but you have to say weather you are going or not.. and if you say you are going and then don't bother turning up they deduct ??75 from your wages! Which I think is fair enough really as they do put on a big spread and and it's not hard to call and cancel. I think by what you girls have been saying then, that I have been quite lucky to be invited! I do really like the people he works with as well! lol i'm more bothered about going than HE is :lol: he is a real home bod and quite happy to stay in with me.. I'm the one who wants to get out and shake my tail feathers! lol
  • sean doesn't really have a work organised do because the boss doesn't like inviting the girls who work there so he tells the lads to organise something between them and invite him - how cheeky is that! they usually just have a lads-only curry night and sean comes home absolutely pissed and stinking of curry - lovely lol!

    last year my boss organised a really posh night out for us in a really expensive hotel and paid for everything, even to stay in the hotel! me and sean couldn't stay tho cuz we were up early the next day for a day out with my parents and for that reason we never drank either which i'm really grateful for because i was pregnant at the time and didn't know! this year i haven't heard if a night out has been arranged - apparently by law my boss has to invite me because even tho i'm on mat leave i'm still technically an employee so if they have a staff night out i can't be excluded...haven't heard anything yet tho image lol x
  • If my hubby worked for a company that said 'no partners' then I wouldn't allow him to go & heaven forbid if he said he wanted to go! I think that is just a breeding ground for affairs (not that I think he would! lol!). My mum & dad would never attend an event if partners aren't invited & for those that they attend where people didn't take their partners then it was because they wanted to get up to no good...my dad used to work for a big retail company & the things that went on...!
    Fortunately my OH & I work for the same place (where we met!) but unfortunately we don't get to go to any lavish do's, company is too tight...this year there isn't even a do as the place we booked at double booked!!! & partners are always invited - people wouldn't come otherwise.


  • my huuby company dont alowe other halfs.
    they have it in london so it means that he is gone for almost three days as he has to go down the day before and come back the day after.
  • lol Zoey!! 'he is 'mistaken'! lol
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