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Hi girls,

Can anyone suggest a good toy for a 3-6 months old that will keep them occupied for linger than 30 secs. I have got cuddly toys and a playmat but i was trying to find something else and couldnt think of anything ! Any experiences with good toys?

Dont like to think my lo gets bored but there is only so much i can do with her x



  • hiya - i have all the toys under the sun for Lewis but guess what he likes best - a piar of socks, gloves or a phone, his new thing is paper!
  • I can't praise the tiny love symp & light mobile enough! My lo still loves it and she's nearly 7 months!
  • hi ya ty;ler likes his play gym which he king of stands in and it moves round with all differant toys to play with i got it from a car boot also he likes playing on mat with loads of rattles or my keys lol he then plays in his door bouncer
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