How do you get 'me' time?

I haven't really had any in 6 months!!!!!!!! How do you get 'me' time? and if you're getting any how do you do it, what do you do, and how much time do you get? I've been having bits of time to myself when LO is asleep but in that time I do all the other jobs, is hoovering really 'me' time???? It doesn't feel like it. I've been thinking I need to schedule in me time every day but the days keep going past and I never have any. I suppose this is just how it is with a small baby or does anyone have a different experience?


  • i have had 1 me daY IN LAST 5 YEARS AND THATS WHEN MY SISTERS TOOK ME TO A SPA DAY FOR PART OF MY HEN DAY CELEBRATION! sorry about caps. i use to get 2 hours to go to slimming but i dont go now. and even as i type now i have lizzie in other hand,lol

  • It's definitely difficult! I try and assign one of Cam's naps to me time everyday even if it's to stop for half and hour and have a cup of tea and a sit. It's really easy to plough on with housework when they are napping but i try to ignore it to allow for me time. I'm quite lucky I think that Cam goes to sleep at 6.30pm and we don't hear a peep from him all evening so there's always a few hours a day when I know i've got baby free time and can spend time with OH or again me time. I also go to salsa classes on Mondays with a couple of my lady friends and that's great. I leave after the boy goes to bed, go to the 2 hour class and then go for a couple glasses of wine and come back! OH loves it too because one of the lady's OH comes round and they sit and drink a few beers. I'm a terrible dancer but I do feel great after my evening out and I feel like i've had some freedom! Would definitely recommend some sort of evening class for me time! xx
  • My daughter is 2 1/2 and the only me time i get at the minute is work. Don't know if I would really call that 'me' time though. When I come home from work my husband is usually working so that is his 'me' time. I do gets time here and there but never a day away although I am not complaining as I enjoy spending time with my daughter when I am not at work. At times balancing the two though can be hard and would do anything just to lie about and chill which never happens. lol. It does get easier as they get older as they are more indepedent so hang in there and you will get your 'me' time or else see if someone could babysit for a day and take some time to go and treat yourself.
  • the only 'me' time i get is when i go to my zumba class on an evening, once a week x
  • the Me time seems to get less and less as LO gets older, he is now 6 months and has just cut doen to 2 naps during the day (he used to have 4 naps in the day which gave me a fair bit of time to get on with jobs but also i would set aside half an hour for a cup of tea and watch some trashy tv!) i am also lucky that my LO goes to bed without a fuss as 6.45pm and sleeps through until 7.30ish so i have time in the evenings to do housework and have a relaxing bath or when OH is home (he is away on tour a lot so not often at the moment) we have a nice meal together and watch a film etc.
    I like to keep the house tidy but as DS is getting older it seems harder and harder to stay on top of things, toys or food seem to be flying around constantly lol!
    however you manage it, try to keep a few minutes each day for you to take stock and deserve it image
  • It depends really what you classify as "me" time. If its quick 10 minute cuppa or a quick bubble bath, then maybe trying to get some time every day is achievable. But I'd maybe try and get some time to do something you enjoy or go somewhere, outside of the home. I go for a facial once every 3 weeks, my MIL baby sits and I have the appointments booked months in advance, so I can look forward to it.

    Do you have someone who can look after your LO? Don't be afraid to make use of them or even ask your OH. I think I'm fortunate that OH is around a lot and MIL is fantastic. Good luck and I hope it happens for you soon xx
  • Don't know if this helps at all but before lo arrived I read in a baby magazine that the best way to get some 'me' time was to expect for it only to be a little bit rather than having unrealistic expectations... ie. make time for a 10 minute cuppa or to read one magazine article rather than expecting an hour to soak in the tub or time to read a full novel. I think in this way you can get a little bit of 'me' time every day. According to the article it is more stressful when you are unable to meet your own expectations... so only expecting a little bit makes it more satisfying.... Dunno really... I try to find a bit of time here and there, even if it means leaving lo to play on his own(obviously in the same room as me) for 5/10 minutes while I have a cuppa. I figure that he needs to learn to play on his own anyway.
  • My me time is usually spent doing housework!! I love days that instead of having a quick shower I have a long soak in the bath. At night Iie in bed, Olivia beside me asleep in the cot and I have a read although now I'm lucky if I manage 3 pages!! I have to say though my hubby is amazing, when I am studying he takes lo for a while so I can get some work done and he gives me a lie in at the weekends which is great, he gets up and feeds, dresses lo and then takes her out a walk.
  • i try to do housework when lo (11 weeks) is occupied in his bouncy chair he likes the hoover it stops him crying. Then in the mornings i go up to the stables to do my pony lo is usuallu quiet and quite often has a sleep so this is my me time to do what i enjoy doing even if he is crying i change plans and go for a walk round the farm and more often than not falls asleep!

    My hubby is great he will take lo out for a walk while i have a bath and quite often takes him to the stable at the weekend so i get a lie in and my jobs done for me. Im hoping to start riding again in the next couple of weeks so oh will take baby for a walk while i ride.

    Im really lucky oh realises how important my pony is to me and helps out loads he had to look after him 7 days a week when i was pg as i was that sick! I try to stay organised as well on the days i want to do something i make sure i have tea organised so its not a faff when we get in
  • Me time .... hmmm at the moment that is mostly after my los have gone to bed at night and for the most part is spent cleaning the house, sorting wahsing out and getting ready for the next day! My eldest is 2 and a half now and my youngest is a year old!
    I think it is pretty typical when you have kids for 'me time' to be pretty scarce!
    My los will both be going to nursery 3 days a week from August which will give me time to set up my own business so that will be the most 'me time' I have had in years! xxx
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