Croup suffers?

My LO had a cough for about 2 months, mainly at night. It turned into a 'bark' - 4th time to the doctors we got anti biotics and told he had croup. 10 days on anti biotics and it went. 4 weeks later he has it back again.....this time a very loud bark! He isnt uncomfortable but it sounds awful.

I was told it could be re-occuring until he was 3.

Anyones elses LO suffer? Any triggers? I have been looking online and it says it is often linked with allergies.......what have you found?

What things at night have helped you?

Basically I havent had a full nights sleep in 10 months and that looks set to continue. He was a bad sleeper then got croup, then prickly heat, then teeth 7-8 and now croup again so all of out routines and mealtimes are out of the window again. I really want to try and stay ahead of the game this time before I lose the plot with sleep deprivation....we were up every single hour last night
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