HELP! Ecoballs and the tumble dryer...

Hi ladies!
I'm absolutely fuming with OH!!!!

I did a load of washing before i went to work and asked that he put it in the dryer (garden out of action while he gets the girders up).....

well he did, but he put the ecoballs in with it too! :evil:

The info says not to put them in as they will become brittle and liable to shatter...

So imagine my horror when he informs me that the one and A half on the counter are all he could get out because it was too hot, and the dryer IS STILL RUNNING!!!!!! image

What kind of idiot takes one and a half balls out and puts it back on because its too hot to take the others out?

Am I alone in thinking that is completely stupid, thick and moronic?

But, what would you suggest I do now?
He says they should still be ok as they havent melted.. but we dont know how liable to shatter they are now or what it has done to the stones - the rubber rings feel a bit baked and hard around the edges....
I think I dont want to risk it and should buy a new set...?

What would you do? (other than clobber OH with a big stick)

Thanks Ladies!



  • hey icecreamlover! sorry to hear your husband has ruined your lovely ecoballs! I sometimes think our OHs do things like this on purpose to get out of future house chores LOL!
    If I were you, i'd do a test run to see how they come up - say with some towels or something and if they aren't cleaning properly or leaving residue form the balls cracking up, i'd replace them I thinks.

  • Oh no! I would do a test wash too, but if the edges are a bit crispy they might pull on delicate items...maybe just get him to buy you new ones!!!
  • Hiya

    on close inspection this morning they rubber is warped and doesn't fit on the balls properly, and is as hard as rock! I'm not 100% sure how hard they were beforehand, so if someone could tell me please? :lol:

    I'm still fuming - he asked why i hadnt made him a brew this morning so i told him i thought it might have been too hot for him :lol:

    I've found some for ??22, but its going to take a week to get them here. :cry:

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