How do you take out home made food????

Toby is in the early stages of weaning so it is just a few ice cubes of various veg. We went out the other day and i took a jar of similar and he HATED it.

So how do i safely take his homemade food out??

Thank you x


  • Hi when dd1 was a baby I use to buy some ice cube type trays (with snap shuit lids) and take one of them out with me and to warm in i use to do like i do with a bottle and just ask for a small jug of hot water and stand it in for a min. as for pudding I would buy her a yogurt when we went out.
    edited to say this is the things i used (not exactly these as it was almost 5 years ago but this product)

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  • but the veg cubes are frozen so how do i safely defrost and how long can i take them out for???? Thanks for replying by the way x
  • I use to take them out of freezer and put in the fridge the night before and take them in a cool bag. Like i said this was over 4 years ago so I dont know what people do now :lol:
  • Hey there, I take the ice cube out of the freezer and put in a pot with a lid (I've got the Tommee Tippee weaning pot things) and by lunch time, they have defrosted and just need a couple of minutes standing in warm water to heat through or in a microwave if there is one. This seems to work for us, but I'm worrying if this is the right thing to do now!! We've only done it a few times but has been fine with this. If im going to someones house I put the food in the fridge as soon as i get there.

  • thank you for your replies - i wish we could mircowave when we get to places because the food just doesnt seem to heat up well enough. Its not so bad now but i would worry when the food involves meat that i couldnt heat it up enough - am i just panicing unnecessarily???
  • When my LO was being weaned I used to get the cubes out the night before and defrost overnight in the fridge as the other ladies say.

    I then went out with the food in a coolbag with some thin ice packs and also took my baby flask so I could heat through the food when required. I found the TT pots way too thick to heat thro properly, so I bought some cheapie pots from Asda that were made of thinner plastic and they heated thro much better.

    I was very good at doing this early on but sometimes used the Ella's kicthen/Plum baby pouches which always went down a storm. LO was also not keen on jars which I found to taste very bland in comparison to homemade food, and they used to bung her up too :roll: You can easily serve up the pouches at room temperature and squeeze out onto a spoon, therefore not contaminating the rest of the food in the pouch and not waste it if LO doesn't eat it all, fab product!

  • I never try and use homemade food out unless I'm going to someone's house and know I can heat it up like I would at home.

    We're rarely out at mealtimes though (about once a week) so I use Ellas Kitchen or Plum food. The girls have never yet refused anything from either of the ranges and I always give them at room temperature. I find them so much easier than worrying about keeping food cool and then getting it heated sufficiently to kill the bacteria.

  • If we go out in town Debenhams has a microwave where you can warm up baby food yourself. Lots of places do so might be worth having a look around.
  • Hey huni,

    i used to heat up Isaacs food just before i went out and put it in a flask- it had a wide top so was easy to get food in and out of, then just give it to him when we were out- it was the perfect temp for him. HTH

  • I either heat up food before going out and make it really warm (if used within 1-2hrs) or I use pouches (either Ella's or Plum) which are v v yummy and have never been refused. Far less mess and fine to have a room temp. Only problem I have now is that lo refuses to eat of a spoon so it's back to the drawing board and pretty much breadsricks and a babybel when we go out now!!!
  • I just used to take a banana, bowl and fork and mash it up there!
  • i cheat and take some dried food and just mix it with a little of his milk. He had porridge for t out the other night. Babies don't know what they are meanrt to have at certain times of day so porrige for dinner went down a treat. we are also just started weaning,
  • I worry about this too so only take frozen cubes if going to someones house. If I need to go out quite a while before I need the food or don't know what facilities for heating there will be I too take a banana to mash, or you can bake a sweet potato, wrap it in foil and serve straight from the skin as it goes really mushy when cooked. Then you dont even need a bowl! Avacado is good for mashing raw as well
  • i think i will try dried food as well to ease my worries - he cannot have banana as he has always had consti[ation and has lactulose for this
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