Mummy's hair loss 8 months post birth??

I still seem to be loosing loads and loads of hair is any one else?

I have quite fine hair but lots of it, i take care of it washing/conditioning reg, but do straighten/blowdry every other day.

To be honest i'm getting fed up of hoovering my hair up constantly and when i run my fingers through it having a small handful in my hand.

Is there anything anyone can recommend to help? I''ve no bald patches or anything like that but just fed up with loosing so much hair all the time!

Lilac* Jack & Pops, 8 months, Ellie 4yrs


  • My LO is only 16 weeks, but my hair is falling out in clumps. I have a similar wash/styling routine to you. It's even worse now she's grabbing my hair as she comes away with a handful!

    I'm eating healthily and still taking vitamins but it doesn't seem to be helping.
  • Sorry you've got this too.
    See thats another thing the hair pulling, sometimes i have a twin each side grabbing and out comes more hair!!

    I'd wondered about vitamins as i'd seen some in boots but if it doesn't help i don't want to waste my money.

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  • Lizzie, you're only losing the extra you would have had whist pregnant. Nothing to worry about.

    My hairdresser last time I went in, told me she thought I was back to 'normal' now!

    Sorry can't help lilac*. If you're still losing the extra now, you must have had lush hair when pregnant! :lol: Might be as you had twins?! :lol: xx
  • God i wish!

    Maybe it because of the twins i don't know,i'm having a few period related problems at the mo so i wonder if my hormones are just completley screwed up.x
  • Me too!! Loads of it, Sasha is now 7 months (tomorrow) and it is still coming out in handfulls. I've got very thick hair so plenty to spare but it is getting so annoying, there is just hair everywhere around the house, I keep it up in a ponytail so it doesn't drop out too much but like you i seem to be constantly hovering it up (and then unclogging the hover after :lolimage I know its just the extra from when pg but I wish it would stop now!!!
  • I'm the same, I'm loosing loads! Its everywhere, and when I comb my hair in the shower with conditioner on it I literally have a handful. Its mental. My hair is fine but there's loads of it...when will it stop?!
  • My ds is now 13 months old and i'm still loosing hair,i hate it as everytime i have a bath or shower it's everywhere!!
    I'm hoping it stops soon!!
  • I'm still loosing hair, but the rate has slowed down. Maybe because I'm pregnant again? It really fell out in clumps until recently, and in it's place is growing really fine 'baby hair' which looks like I've tried to cut a fringe in mad places :lol: Really hope it doesn't continue after this lo, or I'll be completely bald!! xx
  • I am sure I will be bald by the end of the month!! It comes out in clumps, I have to do a drain check whenever I have shower! Hopefully it will stop soon xx
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