Stock cubes and batch cooking

I will be going back to work at the end of May and want to make big batches of food so when I get home I dont have to do much cooking. Thinking of things like . It will things like spag bol, lasagne, curry, shepherds pie, casserole etc. It will be much easier if i can just take a portion of this and mash it up for Frankie but I know she cant have normal stock cubes cos of the salt content. So my question is can you buy any stock cubes suitable for baby?

Also does anyone else make big batches of food to freeze? Just wondering does it taste ok when you reheat it? Do you just reheat it in the microwave?


  • You can get baby stock cubes from boots.

    That said, others use low salt ones or just normal oxo cubes.
  • I make batches of food and freeze them, you have to microwave them until they are piping hot and then they're fine (obviously cool them before giving to your LO!).
    They taste fine, probably not as good as fresh but i can't really tell any difference other than the food tends to be softer.
    I use boots baby organic stock cubes in all the food i make so my little girl can have some too.
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