Group B Strep

Hi ladies, just wondered if any of you know anything about this. I went to dr's other day after having some tests (due to af lasting about 2 months) and they said everything fine but do i know i carry group b strep. Well i'd never even heard of it but when i looked it up on internet (always a bad idea i know) it sounds like it can be quite serious to lo when you give birth and i should have had antibiotics when i gave birth to jack. has me rather worried for when i come to have another baby and just wondered if anyone else has this and if it affected their lo. x x


  • hey hun just to let u know that this is something that can come and go so u may not have had it when u gave birth to jack and u may not have it when u have another so i wouldnt worry too much.How old is lo?im sure if he had got it hed have shown the signs after ud had him.I had this in my 2nd pregnancy but didnt in my 3rd.Theres a great website that explains alot i think it is xxxx
  • hiya i had strep b. i never heard of it b4 either, we only discoverd it by chance coz ther was no symptoms i had a false alarm wen i was pregnant and thought i was goin into labour it was only then that they tested me 4 strep b and it came bac positve i was really worried as i found out it can lead 2 meningites but they gave me antibiotics wen my baby was born and my daughters fine so i wouldnt worry apparently strep b really common in pregnancy
  • I was a carrier as well, found out following a uti at 35 wks and my urine sample was analysed... However a sample was sent at 28wks and it wasn't picked up then, so like Hollysmum said it comes and goes which is why they don't routinely test.

    I had antibiotics during labour and also beforehand as my waters broke without contractions. No effects to my lo and I've been told next time won't necessarily mean I'm infected

    HTH x
  • it is very common and doesnt cause you problems at all - part of normal bacteria in your bits!!

    when you have your next lo, let them know, and you should receive treatment in labour just to be sure - it can be difficult to catch it with testing, as it does come and go.

    your lo now will be fine, as it is something that rears it's very ugly head within a couple of days after delivery!
  • hi
    i knew about this as a friend lost her first born to it 7 hours after birth. This was about 12 years ago. She since went on to have 3 healthy children. It is rare for it to be so serious but it is something that I am quite disguted about. it is a simple test and its a disgrace that women dont get a swab done at about 32 weeks to see if they have it or not. I was tested with my 3rd ( I had the other 2 before my friend lost her son) and was shockd to find it was high postive. The readings come back negative, low, moderate and high... i was high!!!!!!! i had antiboitics in labour. With my 4th the labour was so fast we had no time to get enough antibiotics in. You should have at least 2/3 doses at 4 hourly intervals. anyway, he swallowed a lot of fluid coming out so they pumped his stomach and then put him on an IV drop for a few days to give him antibiotics just to be safe. With my 5th they did not test me but presumed I had it. I had placenta previa so she was a section and in SCBU for a week. They kept a close eye on her as she was prem too. She had horrible weepy eyes for months and I have read that can be a side effect in the lesser terms of GSB...

    make sure they know you have had it and insist on a test. You can get them private for about 40 quid. Some regiions take it more serious than others. I live abroad and they wrote across my notes in red capitals...GROUP STREP B
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