Does your other half work away?

My hubby works away for 5 weeks and then has 5 weeks off. I love it when he is home, but it seems really long when he is away. He can't phone very often and I miss his support (and cuddles!). I am worried about him missing out on things with our baby and also worried how I am going to cope without him!

I have a lot of emotional support and encouagement from my family but they can't help out as much as they would like. His family are very different than my family. I find them difficult to be around and I don't think my patience will last very long with them! I am already needing a good break from them.

Are any of you in a similar position? How are you coping?

Thanks Ladies x


  • A bit different again, but my DH works away Mon-Weds each week. I know it's only a couple of nights but I do find the evenings can be very long if it's been a tough day of grizzling!

    I try and get out every day so that at least have some interaction with some other people and I'm lucky that my MIL lives close by and will have her for an hour to give me a break.
  • Hey there, My DH works away a lot too, but its really sporadic. He had to go away for 2 wks when LO was 5 wks old, he was heartbroken and I moved back in with my mum, lol!!!

    However, for the last 2 months he's been having to do Mon to Wed away, but (hopefully) that's coming to and end until the next thing comes a long..! It's one extreme to the other for us as when he's not away, he works from home so that's lovely.

    I find it hard about 5 o'clock and LO starts to get tired and crochety and doing bath and bed on my own. But with all these things you get used to it, and as LO is in his own room now, I take advantage of this and watch TV in bed!! image

    As for missing out, my DH and I use skype a lot when he's away for more than a couple of nights and we both have webcams on our laptops so he can see and talk to LO as well which is good.

  • my oh works away mon to fri we have 2 dd 2 and 1 and he prefers to ring when they are in bed so not to upset them.We dont see a lot of each other as i work weekends so he has the girls while im at work till 10pm then he usually falls asleep before 11 but he is hoping his company gets their next job nearby in sept so he will be home every night then if it happens.i quite like the peace when hes away lol he moans about the toys being around so have to be extra tidy when hes home lol
  • thanks for telling me your stories. I was telling my hubby about your responses and I think he feels a little bit better that we are not the only ones! xx
  • My OH has been away every other week since LO has been born. It is the practical side I have struggled with the most. This is what I do:

    have someone to stay over if possible
    have ready meals around, or easy things like soup
    have a maternity nurse / home help. This is great, but not cheap!

    I just try and get out as much as poss, to make the time pass and have some company. I also find your other mummy friends will be sympathetic.

    Could his family take LO for a long walk and you could get some rest? x
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