Baby food recipes and book reccomendations - HELP!

HI Girls

I am looking for a baby cook book, so I can make lots of really tasty things for baby when she/he is old enough.. can anyone reccomend a good book as I'd rather batch cook tasty homemade food.

Any ideas or reccomendations would be helpful.. cheers XX


  • Annabel Karmel books are really good

    Joanna x
  • Great stuff, thats what I wanted just lots of recipes, I love to cook and would rather try and blitz up healthy options for baby rather than spending loads of money on expensive jarred foods.. I have a few ideas tomato or cheese pasta (without garlic or herbs), maybe some lentils and onions, but need some inspiration.. I looked on Amazon and they have loads of books but I got a bit confused as I'd rather have a good reccomendation!! X
  • what i found helpful is to find a listof what they should be having and when and then make your own!!!
  • AK book is fab. I even use it to cook meals for me and OH sometimes (loooove her marinated chicken breasts. I make double the marinade and serve with noodles. Yummy!)

    I actually have a couple of Gina Ford foody books and they have good recipes in too. Esp for finger food type things (chicken & butterbean burgers v good and soooo easy)
    This book is esp good:

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