Hi Girls

Hi Girls/ladies/yummy mummies!!

Sorry to gatecrash, I am Sarah, normally in twin forum, you can check lol.

I heard about everything that has been going on on here the other day from one of the twin mums on facebook lol, news travels fast.

I just wanted to say that this person is clearly deranged (sp?) in someway and I can see people keep saying it, but I really do think the best thing to do is to just ignore him/her as they obviously have nothing better to do with their time!! I am sure BE are looking into the matter still and will eventually locate the IP address and they wont get back on.

I think as long as you are all careful with your meet up's then this person can do no harm to anyone of us or our babies, they will soon get bored and disappear, or better still be sectioned!!

This person just gets off on all of the time and responses people are making.


Mum to 6month twin girls Stevie and Ashlea and 2 year old Caitlin x:\)
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