Abandoned babies

What does everyone think about the indian couple who had IVF in India then came back to Birmingham to have their twin daughters delivered by ceasarean? The mother (and i use the term loosely!) is about 60 and I think the dad is about 72, They then abandoned them in hospital and haven't been back since because they wanted boys instead!! :evil: Sorry but I think it's absolutely disgusting. IVF clinics in this country refuse treatment at their age for very good medical as well as moral reasons but to then abandon them, they can't have wanted them that much in the first place.
I just hope the girls get adopted into a nice family they deserve.


  • It makes me sick and the couple dont deserve to have kids. I think its terrible how they think they can juust pick and chose what sex they have!! They obviously cant care about having kids that much....i say dont allow them any more ivf in any country!!
  • Its disgusting isn't it? Its just been on the news to that they want to go back to try IVF again to try and get a boy! It makes me so angry!! x
  • Thats because boys are like the ultimate gift to them and girls are just trash...like i said they shouldnt be allowed to have anymore ivf anywhere! And what if its another girl? just abandon her too..nah its sick and totally twisted!!
  • It makes you wonder what these people are thinking. They are unbelievably selfish! I don't think they should be allowed to have any more, certainly.
  • I understand it's about honour and culture and family name etc but i still can't understand it. I hope the CSA makes them pay for the babies and that those nasty old codgers never have the pleasure of having any more children.
  • I was so shocked when I heard this this morning! It's just inexcusable, just because they wanted a boy?! I don't understand with so many people desparate for kids, hopefully the girls will find a lovely home somewhere with parents who truely want and love them! Dr Hilary was saying on GMTV that the horrible parents should have to support the kids financially instead of making the state foot the bill (like CSA payments)! I can't believe someone could abandon their two beautiful babies like this! Grrrr.x
  • That is sooo wrong, I cant believe they are being ALLOWED to have more ivf! They havent even visited the twins and have said if its another girl they will do the same and keep having ivf until they have a boy.
    Im surprised they didnt find out the sex of the twins when she was pregnant? Doesnt make must sense to me. I just hope some authority sticks there nose in and stops it from happening again but what will probably happen is everyone will pass the buck and they will be allowed more kids. Makes me sick xxx
  • i agree! what are we living in the dark ages! i hope they rot! i wish those little girls all the love and luck in the world thet deserve so much better. i hope they go to a loving family that cant have childeren and make their lives complete.xxx
  • thats disgusting and heart breaking, i would question their reasons for wanting children, i hope if they do have ivf again (although they should not be allowed) that they have a boy and then when they'e wanting the son to look after them he abondens them because he wanted younger parents not walking corpses...............................! evil people , there are hundreds and thousands of people who would give anything to have a child with no care as to sex, and this couple have stuck their fingers up at all of them. i'm glad they didn't keep them though, they'd have been sh*t parents, lets hope ivf doesn't work for them again. sorry, makes my blood boil aaaarrrggh!
  • if they're that old surely they will be dead - sorrry to be blunt - before their 'son' reaches maturity.......??

    Its sick and disgusting and they should never be allowed more IVF - its for parents who care, not people who can abandon their children.

    A friend of mine is having IVF and its hell for them - I just dont understand how they could abandon their children!

    Gve me five minutes in a room with them and they might think twice about it.

  • WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1) if they had wanted kids they should of done so a long,long time ago. 2) why were they given IVF in the first place. people in there 70 are NOT surpost to get pregnant. its not normal. 3) there are loads of people who are desperat to have kids and this copple abandon the two healthy girls like the are trash. im going to stop there as im getting more and more p***ed off. i hope that the girls find good, loving parents and have a happy life. its the less they deserve. x.
  • waiting4baby I like your thinking!! Hope the papers find out who they are and make their lives hell!
  • Very, very wrong on all accounts. Religion and faith sometime have a lot to answer for....
    It is understandable why some hospitals don't give you the option of finding out the sex (as some do abort if the wrong sex) but had they found out b4 giving birth, those babies wouldn't have been abandoned once actually here. Not that I agree they should've been given the option either way...it's just sick!
    Poor babies.
  • I am shocked! Especially as I had my baby in the same hospital!
    They definitely should never be allowed any more!!! I just hope the twin girls find a loving home.
  • this is the first i have heard about this, so i've just had a quick look on line! i cannot believe it!! i cannot understand how people can abondon their children anyway, but just because they haven't got a willy is unbelievable!! i am in agreement with you all - these people should not be allowed IVF again, and if they do get it in India, then let them stay there to deliver & abondon another little girl! maybe they could find someone to sympathise there, cos i doubt they will here.
    to the poor little girls - may you find a family who will love and care for you for what you are!
  • What was even worse, in my opinion, was the fact that the 'father' (to use the term loosely) even had the cheek to ask when his wife would be fit enuff to travel back to India for another session of IVF!!!!!!!!!!

    Also, with regard to abandoning their girls in India instead of here, ollier2001, I think thats the only thing that they did get right - at least here the girls have a far better chance to a quality life here than they would in India. But, whatever, it's still a terrible thing to hear about.
  • Thank goodness those little girls now have the opportunity to be adopted into a loving family where they will be wanted, instead of taken home by that awful couple who think children are disposable.

    I think she should be forcibly sterilised and they both should have to hand over 90% of their assets to the girls, refused entry back into this country and never allowed to contact them again.
  • these babies are lucky they were born in england, if they were born in india they may have suffered a worse fate
    read this

    the world is a terrible place

  • The whole story is an outrage and I'm disgusted by the so-called parents behaviour. Why were they given IVF in the first place? Surely it's wrong for pensioners to be given it. And then to abandon the babies ....grrrr...makes my blood boil. Even worse is the fact they're considering further IVF treatment! They should be absolutely banned from receiving it in any country. And I hope the media find out who they are and hunt them down like a pack of animals and expose them so they'll find it hard to live a normal life again! I know in some parts of Asia abandoning babies is an every day occurence it's just terrible.
  • Do these people live on another planet or what? They should be locked up for doing that, how they can get away with going back for more ivf is beyond me! How are they allowed to do it?

    I would say I'm shocked but like babycakes said this is an everyday occurance in some parts. I remember reading an article in Grazia mag a while back about babies being found dumped in bins amongst all the rubbish on the roadside! They are always girls and this isn't a rare thing, it happens on a daily basis.
    It's so sickening!! Children are a gift and anyone who thinks they can just dump them because they are not the right sex need shooting in my opinion!!!!!
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