its just a silly post really, since the moment i saw Evie i've loved her, but i never really realised how much i love my little girl till now, me and hubby were talking about our family/ future and it got me a emotional lol. I'm just so happy to be a mummy xxxx


  • Me too!:lol:

    I came to being a Mummy late (I'm 36) and never really felt maternal. If I had never had Aoife I don't think I would have felt I had missed out on anything as I just didn't know how great being a Mummy is! Now that I am I love it and realise I have never been happier! I'm dreading going back to work!image
  • I think to myself every day how lucky I am to not only be a Mum but to have such a wonderful OH. Its amazing how strong love can be sometimes!

    Love really does make the world go round.

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