please help so worried

my brother is 17 and i just found out his gf has herpes she cuddles n kisses my kids all the time n it never occured to me they may be at risk now im worried i know its not fatal or that terrible but its not nice for my babies n i need info n the web sites sre really scary!


  • Awe I don't want to r&r but I have to admit I don't have too much experience with it. If you are worried I'd make an appointment with the dr, and they could set your mind at ease. I hope and genuinely believe that it will be all right and nothing will come of it, but like you I wouldn't be able to help being afraid of the worst. Best wishes,

  • thanks just in a flab as they say its dangerous for young babys
  • Yeah I read some horrible daily mail article a little while ago, and so I'd be worried but at the same time I know so many people with children and babies who have had herpes too and all their los are perfect and healthy so I want to tell you don't worry but I admit I've read a horrible story or two so I don't think you are overreacting, just I don't want to add to your stress too. certainly see gp just incase, then outside oodles of inconvience, your mind can rest at ease.

  • hi babe, did she have blister like sores on her mouth? If she did were they open sores? If this is the case then it is possible that she could have passed it on if not then its very unlikely. Go to the doctors even if its just to put your mind at ease. but unless you can see an obvious sore on the girls mouth then I wouldnt worry too much. xx xx
  • Every one has herpes virus in their system, it is just dormant. But contact with a person that has it active (say cold sore) can activate the dormant one in you.

    There is various types of herpes viruses, the cold sore though is the least harmful, as far as I know.

    Contact your doc to be on the safe side though.

  • I dont mean to be crude but has she got herpes as in a cold sore or herpes as in down below?

    Most people dont refer to cold sores as herpes but it is the same virus. I suffer with cold sores and kiss and cuddle my baby all the time but if i knew i had a cold sore i wouldnt. If she didnt have a cold sore then there is no harm. If its down below then obv its not a problem. Its the blisters that are contagious not just being near them or having other contact ie a cuddle but not a kiss when someone has a cold sore. I hope i make sense!
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