Baby Walkers ...


My lo likes walking but is unable to on his own so i was thinking of getting one of these ...

however, it is from the US amazon and I was wondering if anywhere in the UK sells them. I have googled but can't find any and thought I would turn to the font of all knowledge :lol::lol::lol:

Many thanks in advance



  • They look good. When I had Charlotte in reins I was holding her up a bit similar to that and I think they reins pulled on her so could have done with something like these.

    Have you tried ebay?

  • Hi,
    the closest I've seen is Tommee Tippee Momas Helper - I think on UK amazon
    I'll go and see if I can find them again
  • Yep - Tommee Tippee Moma Reins - search reins in UK Amazon
  • Yep - Tommee Tippee Moma Reins - search reins in UK Amazon
  • Those are the reins I have!! They are quite slim fitting (which is why my sister gave them to me as my lo slim).

    The handle on the back is good for lifting but the reins can ride up. If your lo a bit chunckier than mine then they might be ok.

    They wont fit over coats though - one reason why my sister gave them away too!
  • Thanks all - especially Carrie'sMom. They seem to have mixed ratings, don't they? I like the idea though.

    Thanks again

  • We just bought the tommee tippee ones to and can confirm you can lift a 23lb child by the loop! hehe
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