Our New Years Disaster.... poorly LO

David was the happiest hes ever been yesterday literally giggling all day.. until we got to the inlaws at 5pm.
Hed had a 10min nap in car but woke up screaming, it went on for 10 mins uncontrollably so we gave him calpol and bonjela... no luck, 20 mins later we rang emergancy doc who saw him immediatly.
GP examined him and thought he has a inverted bowel and sent us to our local a and e. he was absolutely unconsolable, he only calmed down slightly in my arms, but was still a state.

Got to hosp, doctor arrived and David smiles at the doc and starts chatting in his own little language, youd have though nothing was wrong at all!!!!!

so at 10pm last night we were sent home with open access to the childrens ward as they couldnt pin point what was wrong except it was tummy pain, as when they touched it he whimpered.

anyway... he had a roughish nite, whimpering but still eating, THEN... this morning he was straining for ages and a tiny little dark green poo came out, followed seconds later but a green poo explosion and a huge smile on Davids face!
The poo after it is normal colour, so I think hes ok now, he seems happy enough just shattered after the hours of screaming bless him.

So at 12pm last nite myself , my husband and David were all asleep in my bed... lol



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